10-02-2022 Gokulathil Seethai-Zee Tamil tv Serial – Latest Episode


10-02-2022 Gokulaththil Sethai Zee Tamil TV Gokulaththil Sethai 10.02.2022 Tamil Serial Online | Gokulathil_Seethai 10/02/2022 Zee Tamil TV Serial 10th February 2022
Watch Gokulathil Seethai Zee tv serials 10.02.22 | Zee tv serial Gokulathil_Seethai 10/02/22 Latest Today Episode Online
Gokulathil Seethai 10-02-2022 Zee Tamil tv Serial | Zee Tamil Tv Gokulathil Seethai 10th February 2022
Directed By : A.N Jaagir Usain, G. Maniganda Kumar
Produced By : In House Production
Written By : N. Ramana Gopinath, M.R Ponn Ilango & Thiruvarur Babu
Cast : Dance Master” Nanda, Vasu, Asha Gowda, Nalini, “Aranmanai Kili” Gayathri, Dhakshayini. Anju Kriti Gowda, Madhumitha Illayaraja , Lasya Nagaraj, Fouzil Hidayah, Shankaresh Kumar, Vasanth Gopinath, Vishnukanth

Zee Tamil tv Serials, Gokulathil Seethai
Zee Tamil tv Serial Gokulathil Seethai 10th February 2022

Vasundra “Vasu” from a middle-class family, worked in bouquet shop. She has mother, half-father (her second father), younger sister Elakkiya and grandmother Gandhimati – a greedy and arrogant lady, who was Vasu’s father’s sister. She always hates Vasu and her mother because of an accident that happened in past. Meanwhile, Suchitra – a rich and handicapped lady, whose first son Arjun is a playboy and irresponsible man who always is free and who does not listen to his mother, whatever she says. Arjun always does anything his aunt Pappima says. Suchitra worries about Arjun for his attitude and carelessness because of the accident happened in past. (Both accidents are related and coincide with each other)

In past, Suchitra, her husband Jaikrishna Rajashekar “JKR”, (played by Jeeva Ravi) with their son young Arjun, who was about 10 years had gone in a car to attend the function. That time Suchitra was pregnant. As JKR drove the car, Arjun wished to drove. Suchitra not allowed Arjun but JKR convinced her and allowed Arjun to sit in front him at driver seat to drive. On that gap, Arjun drinks a coke and that tin was stuck on the brake pedal. After some minutes JKR unable to stop the car. Suchitra got shocked and told JKR to stop the car, but he can’t put a break. As car the moved fast, suddenly they hit an old man and the car accident on the tree. After some time Suchitra woke up and cried a lot has she saw JKR was dead but fortunately Arjun and her pregnant baby was alive. As this incident happened, on the other hand on the same day Gandhimati started firstly to drive a car and she drove fast on the road that time she doesn’t know to stop the car. Immediately she hit an old man and he fall down on road and he asked to help. But Gandhimati shocked and she did not help him, so that the old man died. As both accidents are related and coincide with each other, because both JKR and Gandhimati hit the same old man, he is none other than Vasu’s grandfather. The story behind is young Vasu, her mother and her grandfather was waited for bus to move from the city. Vasu had only mother not father. As her grandfather gave a silver coin to Vasu to keep this coin has safe and secure. After long time the bus not came, so that Vasu’s grandfather told them that he will asked somebody for the bus time, so he leaves them and went to ask. As he cross the road that time only JKR hit him by the car, so Vasu’s grandfather fall down. But his good time he not got any injury and he woke up from that place and ready to move, but promptly Gandhimati hit him and again he had an accident, was injured heavily and died. As Vasu and her mother learnt this news and worried a lot, that how they will manage their life, Gandhimati’s brother decided and married Vasu’s mother. So that only Gandhimati hates Vasu and Suchitra worried about Arjun.


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