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19-01-2022 Velaikaran Vijay TV Velaikaran 19.01.2022 Tamil Serial Online | Velaikaran 19/01/2022 Vijay TV Serial 19th January 2022
Watch Velaikkaran Vijay tv serials 19.01.22 | Vijay tv serial Velaikkaran 19/01/22 Latest Today Episode Online
Velaikkaran 19-01-2022 Vijay tv Serial | Star Vijay Tv Velaikkaran 19th January 2022
Directed By :
Produced By :
Written By :
Cast : Gomathi Priya, Sabari Nathan, Sathya SK, Niharikka Rajjith, Archana Mariyappan, Divya Krishnan,Sona Nair, Vasu Vikram

Vijay tv Serials, Velaikkaran
Vijay tv Serial Velaikkaran 19th January 2022

Velaikaran is a fascinating family drama that brings out emotions, love and sentiment all in one basket. Velaikaaran is the story about a sincere maid named Velan. He is a kind of a person, who will go to any extent to protect his employer’s family’s respect. Visalatchi is the head of the family and she too adores Velan treats him like her son. Valli another maid’s granddaughter also lives in the same house. Velan and Valli never gets along well and pick up quarrel with each other like kids. Raghavan, son of Visalatchi has a liking for Valli. Nandhitha is the daughter of Singaperumal Visalatchi’s brother. Raghavan falls in love with Valli and conveys the same to Velan. Velan misinterprets it as he loves Nandhitha and convey the information to Visalakshi that Raghavan likes Nandhitha. Hence Visalakshi arranges for an engagement for Raghavan and Nandhitha. Raghavan become furious on this misconception and gets rage over Velan.

Category: Tamil TV Serials, Velaikkaran, Vijay TV Serials,


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