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Anupama 10th February 2022 Anupama offers coffee to Anuj. Anuj thanks her and asks her to forgive him if she can. She says it’s because of Mr Shah and he came into his life because of the sense that she’s responsible for anything. He says he doesn’t remember this cafeteria’s first coffee but will always remember its last coffee. She says even she will.

They both cry emotionally and try to hide their tears. He says let us go from here and prays God to take care of Mukku and give his happiness to her and her sorrows. She prays god to handle Mukku. Mukku cries in her cabin, and Vanraj acts as consoling her.

Anu asks Anuj if he thought he was right. Anuj says she knows what she knows but she did what was wrong; they do not have the right to make the decision of their dear one’s life; He took Mukku’s life decisions twice and went wrong both times.

She says he did what he felt was right for Mukku. He says that both times he was wrong, its Mukku’s life and she has to make a decision and she’s near to him, except for her own support and will never walk on her own. She says she feels its not the right time to go away from Mukku. He says it was necessary and he wanted her to come to Kapadia empire’s owner The Malvika Kapadia. Mr Shah about what Anu asks.

He says he has a drawn line and nobody can cross it. Mukku of the Cere to take She prays god again. Watchman greets him as Kapadia sir. Anuj says only Anuj, keeps his nameplate, and gives him money. Vanraj looking out window grins and waves good bye to Anu. Anu holds Anuj’s hand and walks away.

Anuj stops at an intersection and he doesn’t know which way to go and where to go from here he lost his house. He breaks down and sits on a bench; Says he is not bothered about losing his business as much as he can rebuild it, but he is a very poor person in the world now.

Anuj’s desk from office and throws away things in Malvika breaks down. Anuj’s seat on Vanraj imagines sitting. GK walks down to Anu and breaks. Anu asks him to control himself. GK asks how can he take Anuj with promise Mukku; Anuj with many relationships, he was his friend, father, guide, everything; People think of adopting parents as a kid, but the truth is kid favorites are getting into their lives;

Anuj had come empty handed and the Kapadia family and is going empty handed. Anu says Anuj has a line of fates in his hand and he can carve it the way he wants. GK asks her to never leave Anuj. Anu asks GK to hug his son once. GK walks to Anuj. Anuj reminds him of his promise. GK says he can make a break promise to God but not him. Anuj asks Mukku’s needs and returns to take care of him. GK says their separation will be very tough on him and walks away.

Vanraj thinks he has failed Anupama’s plan and nothing else of Mukku, he will not let Anupama and Anuj return in this company, who knows to handle Anuj and Mukku, but must be careful from Anupama.

He offers water to Mukku and starts manipulating her again. He says she can understand her pain, but whatever happened to her was good and if not, she would have known that Anupama is more important than Anuj; He knows Anupama well and she had come to make her feel guilty and returned to Anuj.

Malvika says she can’t doubt her brother. He says that he cannot trust Anupama, she must find and manipulate her, Anuj cannot understand Cunning Making the business more successful and he will support her in this. He thinks she will be the owner,

But he will be the boss who will control her; says her brother worked hard to build Kapadia empire, so she should forget everything and concentrate on business; Anupama’s true face, until her brother will return, will be there to support her. Anuj’s seat and wishes on all her best and congratulations.

GK tells Anu that he is there with Mukku and she has to be with Anuj from hereon and handle him. Anuj remembers Anuj’s favorites and support to her and says that she will always be with Anuj, and she will continue to do her duty until now. He blesses her and walks away.


Anupama 11th February 2022 Written Episode Update Precap:Anupama helps Anuj wear a slipper givinv her usual moral gyaan. Vanraj tells family that Anupama will stay in Anuj in a live-in relationship with her.


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