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Anupama 11th January 2022 Episode Written Update Serialized by Star Plus. Read Anupama 11 January 2022 (11/1/2022) Written Updates with

Summary of the Main Story: Anupama’s main story is yet to come. Please stay with us …

Live Days of the News: Monday through Friday

Language in English: Hindi

Current Initial Update: 11 January 2022: (11/1/2022)

Read Anupama 11th January 2022 Written Issue Update On our official site Latest Episode. Now, Anupama begins the 11 January 2022 written issue of Anuj with some information about Malavika. Anupama Malavika is light. Vanaraj says he was dumbfounded by the way Malavika responded at the beginning of the day. Anupama said, “Rest in the morning because there may be morning javasti.” Anupama questions how someone is heartbroken with their woman. Weeping as she reviews Malavika’s past. Anupama says that if a man feels that he hits his girl, the slippers will also affect the woman’s self esteem. She says it is suffocating as it encourages women to hide their violence. Anuj cries and listens.

Anupama says Malavika needs specialists and mentors. Vanaraj sits distracted. Anupama Malavika says she will recover one small step at a time. Vanaraj reviewed Anupama’s behavior. Anupama shares the story with Vanaraj and Anuj. She says that every woman’s heart beats once during daily existence. Anupama says that the man usually goes out to a woman. Vanaraj says this does not stop until men change. Anuj says there is no help until this world is transformed. He adds that aggressive behavior in the home can happen with any sex or creature.

Anuj says it is their duty to raise their voice against the issue. They tend to stop abusive behavior at home, against which all should stand together. Later, Anupama resolves the video decision to Pakhi. She apologizes to Paki for not attending New Year’s Eve. Shah talks with Anupama. Anupama has apologized for not visiting the family. He wished them a happy New Year. Anupama has said something to Malavika. She inquired about Vanaraj. Anupama illuminates Vanaraj, accompanied by Anuj.

Kavya says that Anupama sent Vanaraj back, thinking Malavika was great. Hasmuk said poetry made sense to speak. He and Shah say that Anupama cares about Kapadia. Hasmook gets some information about them. Leela then chose to celebrate New Year with Anupama. Here, Vanaraj learns that poetry has gone on hiatus. They choose to reveal to Lila and Hasmukh. Vanaraj tells Hasmukh and Lila that poetry is lost. He blows at her. Hasmukh enlightens Vanaraj with what he said before leaving the poem.

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