Home Entertainment Anupama 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Anupama 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Anupama 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Anupama 16th November 2021 Written Update, written update at teleserialupdates.com

Anupama 16th November 2021 GK He suggests that Lila / ba has a mother whose home is for him, a wife has a home for him and the man is proud to run a house, so she should not take away her husband’s pride or he will break up. He fulfilled the responsibility of proving to them food, that they would receive dry bread and faith in gourmet bread, and that they worked hard and rested in faith;

He has faithfully fulfilled all his responsibilities, so she must stop insulting her husband. Hasmukh as Ba is a celibate // Bapuji shouts how he knows what a husband is. GK says I know what kind of father and ba wanaraj are watching Bapuji Doli and Anupama. Ba shouts that she does not speak to the servants. Anuj warns her to stop insulting JK. When this woman is unintelligent, why should she behead her when she insults her husband?

Anu appeals to Baa to let go of her anger and leave Bapuji. Anuj says the same. Kinjal says the children learn from the elders and similarly what if Toshu treated them badly. Samar asks what if Kavya is mistreating Mr. Shaw. Toshu asks Ba to stop it. Dolly confronts her in front of her saying that she will not be silent if she insults her Bapuji more. Ba says she is no longer her daughter, so she must keep her mouth shut.

Sanjay speaks in front, and she closes his mouth. Mamaji tries to get ahead, and she slaps him and warns him that he was born to forget and not face up. Shouting to keep everyone’s mouth shut. Mamaji says that the people spit on her, and he forgets that he has an older sister. Ba gets out of control and breaks the surroundings and shouts that everything belongs to her. The poet thinks that it is better to break things down before taking over the factory.

Ba later orders Bapuji to have a role in her house from here on out, and he yells at her to order her as a puppet without defying her and her son’s decisions. She pulls out his hand and orders him that he will not meet Anu from here. He sets his hand free and he does not return to the house.

If he is a bad father and a husband, there should be no room for him at home. He says he broke up and he had given her all his respect and affection for years and didn’t know she was worth more money than love; He sits on the street, begging at the temple, polishing shoes, but not staying at her house. He cries and falls down. Anu and the others rushed to him and comforted him. Pita se hai nam tera .. The song plays in the background.

Ba stops his play and shouts that he is back home. Anu warns him not to speak a word against Bapuji, otherwise she will exceed her limit. She then consoles Bapuji, saying that he is lucky to have a father like him and FIL, whose daughter is still alive to take care of him. Ba shouted as if he was going to be a son now. Anu says that if daughter is enough, son is proud and clan, daughter is dignity and life, Bapuji will take her home.

Bapuji agrees. Ba asks Tosu to stop Bapuji. When they don’t pay her, she shouts, “Go to hell.” Anu raises Bapuji with Anuj and says that she has done wrong before and sinned today, she owns a house and a factory and is very rich today, but the poorest in the world.

Everyone except Kavya and Toshu take Bapuji from there. Come on shout out. Anu takes Bapuji to her house. Anuj tells her that a parent can understand the value of a parent. Anu says he cannot see his Bapuji ruptured and wants to regain his dignity; He pays homage to her so far and she regains his lost laugh.

Ba Vanaraj, hanging on his swinger, remembers leaving the house and shouting that everyone would go. The poem recalls Vanaraj’s warning that no one would bother Bapuji in her absence, so she had to appease Bana and bring Bapuji home before V returned. Anu falls asleep on the bed and breaks down to see his condition. He says that Bapuji always says that the house needs both sunlight and shade; If the mother is a shadow, the father is the sun; Her sunshine is shining; Ba insulted everyone; She was killing her instead of insulting Bapuji so badly.


Anupama 17th November 2021 Written Issue Update PreCap:Anu tries to cheer up Bapuji but fails. Mamaji Shah leaves the house, cursing Bag that her days will be darkened. She tells Kavya Ba that they should sort things out and bring Bapuji home before V returns home.


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