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Anupama 31st January 2022 Malvika gets a shouting Raj when the family brings it to Kinjal with surprise Vanraj and Kinjal drops it in shock. Family rushe3s to Kinjal concerns. Malvika apologizes.

Baa scolds her for her surprise when someone asks if she has a heart attack one day and she comes to Frighten people or something else too. Malvika tells Raj that she worked on their project all night and decided that their Mumbai project will be their first project and they will go to Mumbai. She asks Anuj if Vanraj asks.

Malvika says there is no need for even Anuj to discuss her projects. Alarm beeps. Vanraj reminds her of her medicine time. Malvika says her medicine is at home. Vanraj says he has it and offers her medicine. Baa and Bapuji look at each other’s face at their growing proximity. Kavya walks down.

Malvika greets her. Kavya ignores her, informs Baa that she’s going to office, and walks away. Vanraj complains that she was always behind a job and now showing attitude. Malvika says even she felt that. Vanraj says let us go to office and study the file, informs Baa, asks Toshu to join him directly in office and walks away with Malvika. Seeing Baa and Bapuji get his growing proximity.

Anuj informs Anu that even the doctor is seeing Mukku’s progress. Anu says its good, counseling helped even in Pakhi’s case, she will speak to Mukku today. Anuj says even if he wants to, but don’t know where she went early morning. Anu says they can in office. Anuj asks if he is overreacting. Anu says that a person gets wrong with a wrong company and before Mukku changes her behavior for the worse, Vanraj’s company, they should talk to her.

Vanraj rashly drives his car aside Anu. Anuj rescues Anu on time. Vanraj acts and apologizes and says its good that she’s not hurt. Anuj says it would have been bad for Vanraj if Anu was hurt as he could not tolerate anyone hurting his dear ones. Vanraj is showing off his evil expression while walking away from the course and thinking he is taking baby steps and now its time to run.

Vanraj breaking his goggles with Kavya clashes. He shouts at her to break everything. Kavya says breaking up is his job and Mukku joined him, she didn’t hear anything in the morning, that doesn’t mean she’s blind. Once she leaves, Vanraj walks to Malvika and thanks her for giving her a green signal for the Mumbai project.

Malvika says his conviction gave her confidence and she is going to kill it. Back at Shah House, Baa asks Bapuji to speak to Anu about Malvika’s behavior. The Kinjal hearing tells them all there are professional. Bapuji says Anu has already told her that she is trying, she cannot put more pressure on her, so Baa should speak to her son instead. Her poor son for Baa feels pity. Bapuji says he is a son except a lot of pity / bechara, and if she does not, he will speak.

Anu and shouts its too spicy with Malvika enjoys pani puri. Anu gives her a dry purse and says she is happy with the feeling. Malvika gives credit to Raj. Anu says she needs to talk. Malvika says even she wants to. They both compete, and Anu wins. Malvika says she wants to speak first though. Anu permits her. Malvika says she loves Raj and she doesn’t know what happened between Anu and Raj.

Anu remembers what she says. Malvika stops her and says that whatever may have happened between them, they are friends now, and when Raj can accept Anu and Anuj’s relationship, why can’t they; Raj is very good. Anu says she doesn’t know him. Malvika says she knows, he accepts all his wrongs and is very honest, she likes honest people, and she feels her life is easy with him.

She finally excitedly says she likes Raj, not just a normal friend but a special one. Anu is shocked to hear that and remembers Vanraj trapping Malvika. Malvika says she knows Anu’s opinion about them is different, but that is okay; She doesn’t want to be a stepmother of children just 2 years younger than her. She requests not to inform Anuj or else he will become DDLJ’s Bauji. Anu asks how can she. Malvika pleads not to.

Anuj gets angry hearing their conversation. Vanraj feels thrilled thinking his plan worked and nobody can stop him. Anuj angrily breaks soda bottles. Anu notices him and questions what happened. Anuj says Vanraj ruined Anu’s life before and now is trying to ruin his sister’s life; He doesn’t care about Vanraj’s age or status, but he does like his evil nature; He can give his life for Anu and his sister for anyone who can kill.

Anu tries to calm him down and says he should listen to her once before. If Anuj says she didn’t have overheard them, she had everything. She says she doesn’t know. She asks if she means no. She says maybe. He walks away. She thinks every person should get a second chance in the world, but Mr Shah doesn’t deserve any chance.


Anupama 1st February 2022 Written Episode Update Precap:Anuj notices Malvika with backpack and asks where she is going. She says she is going to Mumbai with her Mumbai project. Anu to calm him says she wants to take him out. He says they will only go on a date. A deal to finalize Vanraj insists Mukku. Malvika says she needs no bhai, GL, and Anu’s help.


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