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Keeping up with the “popular kids” is like running on a treadmill, Aquarius. You are constantly expending energy but going nowhere. This Monday, January 17th, marks the first full moon of the year in a pile of karmic and 6th house of your demand and it shines a bright light on your perfectionistic instincts. With the full moon opposing the mighty Pluto, you see where you have raised the bar to the heights of agony that you can no longer enjoy. And (glug), don’t talk about the painful expectations you can place on others when you judge yourself through this tough lens. Check your routines and rituals. If you are filling out too many activities in a very short period of time, something has to offer. If you need to quit the activity, forget about the crime: your true friends understand the need for more breathing room! This full moon gives your home a healthy life. If you want to add something to your calendar, leave it in the self-care section, such as evening yoga and monthly massage.

Despite the social gap of the past two years, you are going to get even better at turning your house into a pile. On Tuesday, January 18th, the North Node of the Kismet-Kissed Moon will be in Taurus and in your domestic fourth house. This important astrological event has not visited this sector of the chart for nearly 19 years, and in this 18-month cycle, you have many opportunities to make major changes in your living situation. Going to a new place or making improvements to your place of residence means there is no need to rush. You have until July 17, 2023 to do so. Creating a vision, setting specific objectives and setting a timeline for the entire project is a smart approach. Whatever your dream, no other roommate (or anything), living with your love, buying land with your best friends, start visualizing that it’s already happening. Be very clear on how this new situation looks, feels and smells. The more time you spend on that reality, the closer you get to expressing it. On the other side of your chart, the South Node of the Moon is moving to the corner of Scorpio and your career. In the next year and a half, get ready to change your career path, remember that you are creating it too!

Even if you’re looking for cactus silk cushions or Italian marble on Etsy, everything in the Aquarius home won’t go smoothly. On Tuesday, your ruler, the uncontrolled Uranus, will wake up to a five-month retreat that began on August 19. If you are neglecting family conflicts or hoping that your dripping necks will fix itself, say goodbye. Be prepared, because the U-turn of Uranus evokes all kinds of emotions in you, and is not beautiful. Get enough exercise (and make a long drive in the car) to burn the embarrassment and frustration that arises. After processing those feelings, hand the flyer to your rational brain to form the elements that speak from heart to heart. Or find a good plumber for that damn sink!

On Wednesday, put those bubbles on ice. The Kumbha pile officially begins when the sun moves into your pile by February 18th. Last month, you were on an emo roller coaster and it was time to get out. This refreshing solar cycle will update your positive outlook. All those pitfalls and endings are golden lessons, turning you away from things that are not good for you. Now, you are ready to take on new challenges. Set your personal goals, but make sure you don’t over-sell yourself now. You don’t want to miss the best part of your birthday season: spontaneity!


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