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Bhagya Lakshmi 15th January 2022 Episode Written Update Serialized from Zee TV. Read Bhagya Lakshmi 15 January 2022 (15/1/2022) Written Updates with

Summary of the Main Story: Please stay with us …

Live Days of the News: Monday through Friday

Language in English: Hindi

Current Initial Update: 15 January 2022: (15/1/2022)

Read Bhagya Lakshmi 15th January 2022 Written Issue Update On our official site Latest Episode. Now, Bhagya Lakshmi begins the renewal of the written issue of 15 January 2022, with Rishi supporting his father when he falls, at which time he inquires whether he is fine. He went to his room, saying he was fine on Virender Pat’s shoulder. While Rano praised her acting ability and stats, Lakshmi could not find a new job, as it was the impetus for her to file a divorce settlement from Oberoi.

The auto driver rides him fast but his auto stops in front of Rishi’s firm and he goes to see it, Lakshmi said. Fix it quickly, ”Lakshmi said. The gatekeeper, the auto driver, said his auto would move so fast that he would lose his job because his manager’s vehicle would leave. Driver and Govind Lakshmi and Govind look for her to drop as Rishi goes in another vehicle. She refuses. Auto overthrows everything and she leaves. The Guardian said what happened. Govind told Sudeep that Lakshmi Amma had left Rishi’s house. Rano comes to Oberoi Manor.

Neelam said why she did not bring Lakshmi as her guarantee suggested. Rano tells you that you have ruined Lakshmi’s life and you have also discovered the function of your Rishi. Why did you come without Lakshmi? Rano tells Lakshmi that she has her stretch and that you have to pay support after Lakshmi split with Rishi. Karbhima says this is their existence. Rancho warns her that Lakshmi has everything in this house, but you ruin her life and don’t think again of what is being done.

Karishma tells her that Lakshmi will get nothing. Rano says that your reasoning is more modest than ours, and that you have less hearts and that I know your world, I will not let Lakshmi marry this house. Karisma said Neelam did not go to her level. Rano said what level she was talking about. Varendra looked at Rano and asked if Lakshmi was fine. Rano says she will approve the money I am lending you and Lakshmi needs a divorce solution in light of this family. As a result of the vegetable truck, Rishi’s vehicle is parked near the sanctuary. Lakshmi Auto was standing next to her vehicle and the auto driver walked out saying her auto would not start. He passes over the sanctuary after Lakshmi faculty Rishi still twists to take her versatile. Rishi said to him. Rishi gave him cash. Hobo told him to take gifts from Devi Ma to fulfill his desires.

He criticizes Lakshmi and goes to the sanctuary and begs in the sanctuary to meet Lakshmi. Lakshmi is close to him and Mata begs the queen not to let her meet Rishi. Fell on her double. Reviewing Rishi Lakshmi, she goes out in the auto even though she is behind the double. Rishi wonders why he is following the obscure person. Veerendra says alimony. Rano says okay. Neelam says alimony is separate. Rano says I know and Lakshmi needs to be separated from Rishi and we need fifty percent remuneration support. Neelam says divorce does not happen because Lakshmi returns to our home. Rano says Lakshmi is not happy with Rishi and she is happy with us as we continue to be like you. Virender says Lakshmi is great and this idea is yours, not Lakshmi’s. Rano said that Lakshmi had told her something. Veerendra says you are lying and if Lakshmi tells it to me I will accept it and I am ready to give her whatever she wants.

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