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Take your foot off the break! This Monday, January 17, marks the annual full moon in the Karkataka pile, which is the time to improve your life and accelerate your dreams. Progress invites change and it is fast and furious in 2022. This can leave you feeling uncontrollable, and by opposing the full moon iron-clad Pluto in your association zone, you may fear certain relationships and agreements. Have They are part of your expansion. The Karkataka pile does not move past now, so instead of letting fear take the wheel, reach out for support. You need a sounding board this week, so ask the wise souls in your zone to give you their ears. Your good advice and confidence votes will get you back in the driver’s seat in no time!

As one of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac, you are the best hero, cancer, even if you are sometimes hesitant to take on a public role. Whether ready or not, you will have plenty of opportunities between now and July 2023. This Tuesday, January 18th, the North Node of the Moon will leave Mithun and your twelfth house and open the door of Taurus and your 11th house of teamwork and technology. . If you work with a group, it gives you the opportunity to show people what you are capable of, i.e. a wise, fair and kind empowered person. Use your corporate gifts not to rule with a heavy hand, but to inspire and support your community. On the other side of your chart, the equivalent punch (and kismet-kissed) South Node moves to Scorpio and the fifth home of your creativity, passion and fame. Make art for the sake of art, but reflect on how you can use your gifts to inspire others. The more officially funny you are, the more likely that others will accept what you are doing, doing, or giving.

Also, rekindle the spirit of innovation in your staff from Tuesday. Uranus, a community organizer, is coming out of a retreat that started on August 19th. Now, with the planet sidelined by seven months of his teamwork and increasing technology sector, he may find himself in the unlikely role of a pioneer among his friends. Although he is a master at coming up with ideas and information, he is not always the first to dive in and try it. But this week, you may be feeling more like your fellow crabs, Elon Musk and Nikola Tesla (yes, both are cancerous!), Ready to push the boundaries of what is “possible” to find new territory.

On Wednesday, the sun enters Aquarius and your intense and seductive 8th house. If you are yearning for real soul contact and it comes with erotic benefits, then you are not complaining. If you are looking for love, stop hiding behind DMs and leaked grams. To display that sensual vibe, you need voice-to-voice communication (or face-to-face if you are confident). Cupid can be hit very quickly! Prior to February 18, single cancers could find the Tinder match of their dreams or at least the best contender for the wife’s season. Already attached? You can take the next big step, from merging assets to finding rings, or maybe … having a baby.


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