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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 10th February 2022 Episode starts with Chiku asking why are you letting me go, are you scared that aunty will make me away from you, she’s bad, she loves me. Sameer says none can make you away from me, I lost you once and can’t lose again. She asks when did you lose. He says I had a bad dream,

I love you a lot, I m scared that someone can make you away. She says I will not take any thing away from me, if anyone takes me, then I will come back. He asks. She says you are my dad, I love you so much, I will never go away. She hugs him.

Chiku is with Deepika. She asks you to take me to the game zone. Deepika thinks I got into this problem by listening to Nupur. Chiku asks Deepu for candy floss. Deepu asks the driver to get it. Chiku thanks and hugs her. She says we will click a pic. Her phone for Deepu looks. She thinks I can’t lose my phone, what will I do.

Chiku says its fine, I won’t let you get bored, dad doesn’t use phone when he is with me. Deepu says you sit in the car, I will go home and take my phone. Chiku says no, dad will know and get angry. Deepu says don’t worry. Milind says I have got some help. He shows the kids to Nupur. Tanki says we will try and get Chiku.

Deepu comes and says Archie is in the car, Sameer asked me not to take her home, I forgot my phone so I had to come. Nupur asks what we do now. The kids go to Chiku and meet her. Chiku asks I know you all. Tanki says Milind told us about her memory loss. They ask Chiku to play. Nupur says she is coming here. Milind asks her to come.

Sameer is worried. He says Deepu can take her home, maybe its Nupur’s plan and she made Deepu do this, I have to go there. Pushpa asks him to call Deepu. He calls Deepu. Tai gets the phone. She says it’s a miracle, Deepu went out without her phone. She answers the call. He asks I can talk to Deepu. Tai says she does a lot of puja, she forgot her phone here and left. He says I want to talk to Archie. Deepu comes. Tai says she is here, talk to her.

Sameer says it means Archie is in the Joshi house. Chiku comes home and recalls the past moments. Everyone looks on. Chiku gets dizzy. Nupur holds her and smiles. She says I will take your room, there are many things to come.

Deepu says you are such a liar, Sameer was right, you should be kept away from her. Chiku gets away. She says I m Archie, not Chiku, I don’t know anything, my dad’s name is Sameer. Nupur says you are Chiku. Chiku says Dadi told me that many people look the same. Comes Sameer. Chiku says I m Archie. He shouts Archie. Chiku runs to hug him. She says this aunty wants to make me away from you.

He says I told you to stay away from my daughter. Crying nupur sits. Milind says stop crying, its time to remind her everything, where are the pics, remind her that she is Chiku. Sameer asks Chiku to come. Deepu asks him to listen.

He says you are to blame, I told you not to get her here. He takes Chiku with him. Mini picks Chiku’s bracelet. Whatever Milind asks, will you let Chiku go. Nupur says yes, because she’s not my Chiku, she’s Archie, she’s scared of me. Mini Runs to the Bracelet to Chiku.

Chiku’s hand on the mini mark the wound mark. She recalls the accident. Sameer and Chiku leave. Nupur says its better that she is Archie. Mini says no, she is Chiku. Kamini comes. Mini says Archie is Chiku. Kamini asks Did you get mad.

Mini says no, she is Chiku, maybe she lost her memory, it comes back even if she tells everyone the truth, then we have to go to jail. Kamini says no, you pushed her down. Mini says no, her hand slipped. Kamini says no one will trust you. She scolds Mini and goes.

Sameer brings Chiku home. Pushpa hugs her. He says call them and cancel the engagement, Deepu is not reliable.

Chiku says no, it was her fault, don’t break the engagement. He says we are already fine, we don’t need anyone. She asks not even mumma? He says I will become your mum and dad, I feel Nupur is mad. She says we don’t understand her pain, so she’s doing such things, she loved her Chiku a lot, she’s missing her Chiku like you miss mumma.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 11th February 2022 Written Episode Update Precap:Sameer says very soon, we will be leaving this country. Mini says Archie is Chiku. Nupur gets shocked.


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