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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 12th November 2021 Written Update – Latest Episode


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TV Show Name: Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Time on TV: All times IST (Indian Standard Time)

Telekath Days: Monday to Friday

Release Date: 12, November, 2021

Country: India

Language: No.

Today’s topic: Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki Nov 12, 2021 Written Update Issue Launch. Chiku announced that he would honor pieces of fabric and silk for the most part. They say I have a rich experience, I create, disturb and make silk clothes for myself. Kamini contacts Nupur to come back for worship. They upgrade icons with gems. You may be mourning around this puja with Kamini guys. Everybody worships. Milind and Nupur see Chiku and connect with her for worship.

Rangoli returns home. Chiku does Arti with someone. Kamini and Nupur take the gems again and continue into the storage. Chiku gets someone involved. He says that I am also looking at it in the time of need, how the family members’ own circle celebrates Diwali. She requests that Arav and Niwan help her. They recommend photos of Milind and Nupur and tell their love story. Children perform.

Chiku sums up Nupur’s laugh and dance, which may be the most typical. Chiku arrives as Nupur and Aja moves on to a degree at Notchley… .. Milind and Nupur laughed. The Rangoli figures should be taken forward by considering the comi. Kamini looks at the time. Chiku says that Milind and Nupur met and the story of their worship began. Everyone claps. Rangoli appears for storage. Milind and Nupur look at their classical images. Chiku reproduces his ancient snapshots of the temperature proposition. Rangoli says something is off-base, I find this house comparative. Kamini gets her. Asking what’s up. Rangoli says you have shocked me. Kamini says every person thinks she sees you … Rangoli says I can’t find it, I switched to find storage space.

Kamini says I have guided you. Rangoli says I don’t understand. Kamini says that it is Ayi’s room, go there, don’t neglect the password. Rangoli says I remember it, I think I sense this house. Kamini says neglect of it, awareness of work. Chiku says Milind and Nupur have been hit. Chiku and Arav dance. Milind and Nupur become passionate. Rangoli goes to Aiya’s room. She looks at the collection. She opened it and laughed. Chiku says the photo is not finished. She takes Nupur and Milind in graduation. Milind and Nupur dance in a hearty tune. Kamooshiyan… .Naturals….

Everyone claps. Rangoli says that Kamini may have to take on the whole thing himself. She tells him the fate of his world is here. Niven requests someone to be ready for their independent presentation, Dancer Chiku is talented. He plays in a disco diva … taking the elderly to the dance. Kamini laughed. She requests Chiku to get her Telesales smartphone from storage. They say I really want to tap the dance pictures. Chiku is going. Rangoli is preferably coins. Kamini says I neglected to introduce drugs to her father. Niwan requests her to return to the dance. Ai says I will pass and get. Kamini says our real Diwali present begins, get ready. Ai goes to her room.

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