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Written Update on Choti Sardarni 27th December 2021 written issue,

Scene 1
Does Sehr say Rajveer see me? He says I’m looking at you. Sehr says but I’m here. Sehr says you can’t see? Oh god She runs off and tells her to call the sister doctor. Raj does not see eye to eye. I am fine. Sehr says I will not let anything happen to your eyes. You’ll be fine. Sehr says please call the doctor.

Came home. Harleen says let’s have lunch. How was everything? Nobody cares about me. They think I’m selfish. Harleen says I told you. I only care about you. Sehr also loves Karan. She cannot look beyond him. I know what is good for you and what is bad for you. Sehr also understands. The rest is not yours. Why do you care? Param says I really cared about them. Harleen says but can you see now?

Scene 2
Sehr says Rajveer please calm down. Let him check you out. The doctor was examining Rajveer. Please let me see God. Seiher does not know this fact. Rajveer gets up and says I’m fine. I can see. You are here The doctor is here. Are you sure? He says yes. Doctors say this happens after the trauma. But we need to do some testing. I am fine. I don’t need any tests. They leave. Rajvi told Sehar that you should go. Sehr says I’m not going anywhere. Seher embraces Rajveer. She says thank god you’re fine. I was dying every moment when your life was in danger. Cried Seher. Seher says why are you doing all this? Rajveer says everything is fine now. Sehr says why did you drive so fast? I tried to stop you but you didn’t listen? What if it was serious? If anything happened to you, I was dying.

Sehr says it is very difficult to see your own death. When I saw your accident I saw my death. I didn’t feel like I had an accident. I realized how important our love is. Have you thought of me once in that moment? What’s on your mind? Rajveer remembers that I love you Sehr. Sehr says you won’t go anywhere. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I only care about you and your love. What is something you cannot tell me? Please tell me why you want to get away from me? Rajveer says in his heart how can I tell her that I will lose my sight and my life will be darkened. Sehr says is someone putting pressure on you? Is there anyone else in your life? Rajveer never said. Sehr says you can live without it? He says yes. Sehr says you won’t miss me? He says no. Sehr says do you love me? He says yes. Sehr hugged him and cried. Rajveer even cried. Sehr says I know you love me so much. I know that very well. Rajivir says yes I love you very much. You are my soul, breath, everything. He kisses her on the head. Tu ne jo na kahan plays the song.

Seher makes Rajveer eat. She gives him medicine. Rajveer pulls her in and hugs her. Sehr falls asleep. Rajveer recalls how she tried to get him out of the accident car. Her hands were bruised. Rajveer kisses her hands. He hugs Sehr. Rajivir says that you will not let me go away from you even if I try my best.

Scene 3
Ginny brings Karan back. Parama sees him. Harleen stopped him. Karan says Param is home? Yeah, let’s just say he’s busy. Karan says no. Harleen tells Param not to feel. Param says but Karan .. Harleen says your emotions will ruin everything. So much has happened, you don’t have to do anything. You looked at their two faces. You have to bring your time. Sehr is my life just like you. I’ll make sense to her too.

Sehr brings Rajveer home. Harleen says stop. All come. Nani says ..


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