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Let them know, Gemini: No one will get free milk in 2022! The first full moon of the year arrives on Monday, Jan. 17, landing in Cancer and earning a second home. You could hear of a promising job offer or growth opportunity at your current job. But there is a catch. The full moon forms an irritating opposition with a mysterious Pluto, making it difficult to read other people’s intentions. On the one hand, you feel that “go big or go home” urge, but you also need to take the plunge before looking. Who do you get into bed with? Do a thorough investigation before you sign a damn document. If you’re part of a team, stand up for yourself and put your next big step on the map, your hard-earned efforts for getting credit from preventing others. Do Not Cling to Opportunities If They Are The Last (They Are Not). Even if there are no deals to come this week, get to work on your budget. When you have the money, you have more to manifest in the right conditions.

Gemini for a big change of pace this week, as well as charging after destiny-driven North Node moves out of your sign with purpose on May 5, 2020. Because it moves backwards, this point in the sky now enters Taurus and your introspective twelfth house. Posted on Tuesday, January 18. On your chart is a potentially impactful South Node, entering Scorpio and your 6th house of work and service, and for health and fitness – new homes through these lunar markers on July 17, 2023. You’ve taken some Burdens and, with Luckily, they’re walking away with some “grand prize” lessons. In many ways, this made you stronger. Plus, you have some major karmic debts that you have paid off knowing that added gift. Over the next 18 months, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to reflect on how you’ve grown and reflected on your next big step in the world. While you may not be able to jump into your plans right away, you can get CAN gaining vitality and the necessary training so that all the restrictions are lifted and you can hit the ground running. Make an effort to take good care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Metaphysically too! Also on Tuesday, magnanimous Uranus concludes a five-month retrograde and moves through Taurus and your spiritually awakened twelfth house. Over the next seven months, deepening his connection to the esoteric realm, as well as his own subconscious, will bring you insights. Work with healers, therapists, and other “earth angel” guides to facilitate the process and keep your eyes open.

On Wednesday, the Sun Shines in Aquarius and your mundane ninth house. Normally, this would be a hit on the “book now” on a winter flight deal, pack your bags and go! With limited travel options, you may choose to expand in other ways. Some Geminis will be inspired to start a side job, apply to grad school, or work with a private teacher who can help hone their basic skills. The next four weeks for the Rule of Thumb: Dream First, then add that annoying reality filter. Visualizing all the possibilities gives you greater scope, making it more likely that you will achieve something rewarding.


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