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Imlie 10th February 2022 Harish asks Aaprna when she is unwell, why did she inform him. She asks how she could leave her son in her house for a week, but she had made her son fight with a strong heart, but broke from thinking of him; What went wrong was her upbringing that her son is leaving.

Harish warns her to a stop blaming herself. She says Malini provoked Aditya. Harish says children have grown up and are free to go, they can only hope that their bonding is strong and they will one day return. Imlie hears bench shedding tears on their conversation and sits. Aryan walks to her and holds her tear and says she must save her emotions.

Mrs Tripathi is fine now. Imlie cries that a mother sacrifices a lot for children, but children don’t think she’s hurting before; Nishant and Rupali; She will stand up for the family and will fight until she gets back to their happiness.

Malini walks to Malini and asks what she needs. Malini says to get rid of. Imlie asks when she’s getting everything easy, why she’s creating new problems for everyone and why she’s leaving Aditya to leave the T House. Malini says she is separating Aditya not from her family but from her.

Imlie says she’s already separated from Aditya. Imlie says she’s still attached to the T family, she’s in the daily barges and they both have to suffer, the T family is always busy praising her and don’t value me, so its better she separates herself from them. Imlie asks to stop blabbering me like a sheep. Malini says its a bad joke. Imlie says she must remove the I love myself tag from her eyes and the family’s condition.

Malini asks when Aditya wanted to get her right in the T family, did she think of them; She was adamant at that time and now is lecturing her. Imlie says that she was respectful of her husband’s decision as he wanted to go away from family and she stopped him.

She will continue to support her family and keep them together and says even if she separates Aditya from her family, she can’t get him; Aparna got a heart attack and can’t stay away from her son. Malini warns her to stop thinking about Aditya, keep her advice to herself, and be happy with her family who prays.

Imlie visits cafeteria offers coffee to Aryan. Aryan says he drinks black coffee and not milk one, and now Aparna’s condition is stable, so they should go back home. She starts her jokergiri and after a long weird explanation says she can go to these clothes and shoes and thanking them.

He says he does not speak to objects. She says thank you though. He thinks she can thank everyone except him. She says that for every relationship in the world, but not every relationship is a blood relationship; she is emotionally related to the T family. He says he knows.

She asks if she doesn’t feel boned. He remembers his attachment towards her. He says he may not, but she is and considers him his friend. He says he is not her friend. She says he is in the hospital for 3 hours, that shows his concern. He says he is going now and warns that Bhaskar Times work shouldn’t be affected. She says it won’t.

Sometime after Aryan calls Imlie. If he thinks he is still at the hospital and searches him, but does not find him and relaxes. Aryan calls her again. She thinks something is wrong and hopes nothing will happen.

She picks his call and wishes him good evening. He says she can’t keep her slippers outside her room like a corridor in the middle of the room. She says she pays rent for her room. He says he slipped on her slippers and fell down, injuring his eyebrow. She gets worried and asks nurse to send ambulance.

He says there is no need for a minor injury with escaped. She says she’s worried about her slippers. He says he got stitches. She says she can’t take care of herself. He scolds to stop her nonsense and call her car driver when she wants to return home. He then remembers his and Imlie’s growing bonding.

Next morning, Aryan joins Arpita and Narmada for breakfast and asks where is Imlie, if Aparna had a heart attack again. Narmada says Aparna is discharged and Imlie has gone to T house to surprise Aparna. Surprise her with what Aryan thinks she does. Aparna returns home. Imlie brings aarti for her. Malini asks what she is doing here. Imlie says she will stay here until Aparna gets well.


Imlie 11th February 2022 Written Episode Update Precap:Imlie challenges Malini that she will expose everyone in front of her for a week. Malini accepts her challenge. Imlie says its a competition between a daughter and a bahu now.


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