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Imlie 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Imlie 11th January 2022 Written Update, written update at teleserialupdates.com

Imly 11th January 2022 Imly finished her heartwarming song. Tripathi praises her vocals. Arpita says let us discuss our New Year’s resolution on this New Year’s Eve and ask Aryan to discuss his New Year’s resolution first.

Aryan says the launch of the news channel is his New Year’s resolution and he promises to show only what his audience wants to show on his news channel. Everyone claps. Narmada asks her to bring multiple / DIL for him. Harish says the lost should be brought back. Aparna asks why he is saying this.

Pankaj wants Aparna to help him more with homework, Rupali says he wants to open a music school, Nishant says he wants to visit Pallavi in ​​Australia, Malini says his stuff this year and no one is going to let him snatch it. Imlee says she will not leave her dear ones in happiness or sorrow.

Arpita insists that Aryan should think about money and make his life better. Aryan thinks he has been working on 1 resolution for 4 years and that this year’s resolution says he will protect his family from every bad thing, be it a bad situation, a bad man, or.

Anu stepped aside, thinking she needed to know about Babu Sahabe through Amma / Meethi. Aryan also goes out to phone. Imli clashes with him. Vinayaka asks why she fell down. She tells him of the effect of gravity and asks why he is questioning him. She says she carries an unnecessary burden on her shoulders and so she falls down repeatedly.

He asks why she didn’t talk about him instead of calling him dear. She tells him when he can, and why she can’t. They say whoever thinks they are dear will ruin their lives. Dear friends, what is his problem? The problem is that Aditya is one of her best friends, if he is wrong, correct him.

Bobby sighed, wondering why she was wrong. He stops her and tells her that there is no excuse for her; He thought she was strong and intelligent and different from other girls, but he was wrong; She maintained her last rights of grief by shedding tears, but she cried the next day; Whatever happened to her hope.

She tells him that nothing has happened and that he does not care for Babu Saheb. So he asks why she ran to call PGD. They say to check on work progress. He asks her to stop lying, and he asks her to follow his resolve when he follows him because she has disappointed him a lot. She thinks she doesn’t want to disappoint him, but she can’t stop loving the man / aditya she loves. He thinks he snatches everything from the man she loves.

Aparna asks Anu about Malini’s condition. Anu says she should not bother as she has never taken care of Malini. Aparna says I will ask Imli about Aditya’s situation. Anu asks why she is behind Imli when she has already divorced Aditya. Aparna says that she can only tell him about Imli Aditya’s colleagues and Aditya’s whereabouts. Anu thinks that she will not let Imli talk to Aditya.

Imli’s colleagues enjoy alcohol and give them a drink. Imli refuses. Colleague Arjun says she is very virtuous / Sharif. Imli asks if they are badmash / bad. Aryan warns her not to insult her guests. He says he is a big badmash and gives a long lecture that the one who enjoys is not badmash. Aparna asks if she got the news. She says no and asks for rest and chess. Aparna says its cheers and that she doesn’t drink alcohol. Imli calls her associates and asks about Aditya, who says she has not seen Aditya for some time.

Aditya appears to be heavily intoxicated during the PGD party. Aryan orders cranberry juice. Imli asks for it and everyone comments that the alcoholic is not drinking. He asks if she thinks every man drinks. She does not say so and shares her moral knowledge with her ordinary Joker. He asks the waiter to give this girl some cranberry juice. She tells her to leave no one in control of her life. He thinks he doesn’t want to give her control of her life to someone else.


Imli 12th January 2022 Written Issue Update PreCap:Anu spikes Imli’s juice. Arpita distributes masks to everyone and says that those with the same masks dance a couple. Aryan shows the same masks to Imli and says they are partners.



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