Home Entertainment Imlie 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Imlie 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Imlie 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Imlie 13th November 2021 Written Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Imli 13th November 2021 NB / Aryan’s sister Arpita entered the temple and was horrified to see the lighthouse fire, she lost her best friend when a fire appeared in the car. Adi enters the temple, recalling Imli’s words that everything is over and now nothing is left between the rest of the events.

Pandit asks if Arpita was the only one today. Aryan was not at home, so she tells him that she came alone. The pundit closes the lamp with a flower screen and now asks him to do the pooja. Arpita prays to Devima, her parents submitted her to Devima, Devima gave her immense love, but she lost her beloved in an accident;

Her brother, Aryan, was deeply guilty after the accident and has been miserable ever since; The witch says she wants him back to normal and says there must be someone who can help him laugh again.

Imli enters the temple ahead. A woman dedicates her lamp to the goddess. She walks towards the temple. Aryan runs in search of Arpita and pushes away without even noticing Imli. The lights shake, but she controls them. She gets angry and continuously shouts at him, calling him a whip. He slaps her mouth with her dupatta and leaves. She continues to shout at him. The temple is on fire. Arpita gets caught up in it and is horrified.

Imli saves Arpita, comforts her and hospitalizes her in the car. Hearing her voice, Adi ran behind the car. Aryan hears the women talking about a girl who escaped a fire accident and shows her the picture and asks if she is the girl. Women now say she has been hospitalized. He collides with Adi’s bike in his car and rushes to the hospital. When Adi falls down and fails to start his bike again, he leaves the bike and runs towards the hospital.

Rupali shows Adi’s work bag and camera to Malini and tells him that he did not go to work and that there was no food. Malini is back with her in common and asks why they all forgot to be Adi’s first wife. Rupali says that the man she is contesting for is ahead of her and that she has left the house for her self-respect, that she should worry about herself and wait for the day when Imli will come back and expel her. Malini says whenever and breaks the vase in anger.

Imli Arpita is rushed to the hospital where doctors treat her. She asks the doctor if Arpita has a panic attack. The doctor says she looks like a villager but speaks sensibly so she can chat with Arpita. Imli asks how Arpita is now. Arpathia says she’s fine, thanks for saving her, revealing that she’s afraid of fire. Imlee says this is good and teaches her to take a deep breath when she has a panic attack ahead. Imli asks if she is not afraid of anything.

She says so and when she remembers leaving Adi’s house she tells her she’s afraid of losing her best friends. Arpita says I am afraid of that situation. Imli tells her to call her family. Arpita says her brother must get in the way before the problem reaches her, but this time Imli reached before him. Imli asked her to rest and walked away.

When T returns home, Aparna feels guilty that she left the imli house because of him. Pankaj says it is their son’s fault and prays to God to give Adi a little conscience or to help Imli reach his goal. Aparna prays for Imli’s protection and happiness.


Imly 13th November 2021 Written Issue Update PreCap:Imli remembers getting Arpita’s ring back and it falls down. Aryan accused her of robbing the rich and holding her hand. Imli warns him to leave otherwise he will repent and walk away.


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