Home Entertainment Imlie 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Imlie 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Imlie 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Imlie 17th November 2021 Written Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Imli 17th November 2021 Aryan drives a car and reaches his office. Imli shuddered and got out of the car, hoping she knew the place. He asks if she enjoyed the ride. She says a lot. He asks why she is shivering. His nook joke continues and he orders her to clean his car. His employee says he noticed his spoiled car and sent it to wash. They say that it is not necessary because Internal Imli clean it.

Imli responds and says that Sita Maia is sending rain to clean the car. He ordered it to be wiped clean, and left. The rain starts, and she cleaned the car. Back at home, talking about rain in the winter, Harish returns home and asks to bring tea to Roopa. Sundar says everyone is bringing tea. Sundar was serving tea.

Noticing the Aparna sweater weaving, Harish asks who it is. She tells Imli that she does not have her own sweater to wear. Pankaj says with her kind gesture and affection, Imli can return home. Aparna thinks Imli needs nothing less. Imli continues to clean Aryan’s car and thinks she’s cleaning buffaloes in her village.

The editor goes to Adi and asks if everything is okay. Adi’s article was on the first page, then says how it came to be in the layout. The editors say they are no longer the ultimate authority. The final decision must be made by the citizen, Adi says, how will they know about the departmental store that inflates the price of vegetables. Aryan goes inside and should be happy that his article is printed instead of being thrown away.

Adi recalls his meetings. Editors say Aryan is the new CEO of Bhaskar Times. Aryan says that his work is his mark, he has some questions. He asks if Adi Bhaskar has been working in the Times ever since. Adi says their hard work reveals their work experience. Editors say Adi is their star reporter for 12 years and leaves for the meeting. Aryan questions Adi as to why his news coverage is declining and people are heading towards the magazine.

Adi lectures on truth and journalism, he sells newspapers and Adi sells his sincerity, he does not want to profit by selling his honesty and has chosen this profession to deliver the truth to the people. Follow the truth. That is why Aryan says he is an excellent reporter and an excellent businessman, working on the news he ordered to print until he turned a newspaper into profit;

They teach journalism to interns and only give what they ask. Adi says they have already given the project to their interns. Aryan says except for one intern who keeps his orders. Adi notices that Imli is cleaning Aryan’s car in the rain, rushes to her with an umbrella, and forces her to go into the office. She refuses and sends him away with her argument.

Malini returns home thinking she is worried for Imli and telling Adi that she is turning in imported cars. She sees Imli’s luggage in Adi’s room and asks Sundar why Imli has not removed it even after leaving the house. Rupali says it promises Imli’s return soon. His argument begins. Rupali attacks Malini and urges her to go away. Malini thinks Adi is going to hate Imli.

Aryan informs Arpita over the phone that Imli has been offered an internship job. Arpita praises him. Adi rudely confronts Imli for washing her car and asks her to teach journalism to the intern and not to do anything else. Aryan learns imli lesson of his mistake and says his job is to teach his 2 interns and not argue with him. Adi smoked and walked away. Imli continues to clean car sneezing and hear that interns are discussing their first day of experience.

She is humiliated that she can find a cleaner job after graduation. She tells E3 Wen gets a job and asks what she learned today. She questions how she cleaned the car. She describes climbing the roof of the car in her own style. Aryan went to her. She stares down at him. He calls her into the woods and asks if she has finished her work. She says her future is bright. A bird hits a car. She says it’s not her fault, but the bird’s fault. She says a bird has ruined her courage, how to dream big. She challenges him with her long conversation.


Imly 18th November 2021 Written Issue Update PreCap:Arpita notices Aryan sleeping with a fever in his car, scolding him for cleaning her up and ordering her to pick her up. Aryan picked up Imli and walked into his house.


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