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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 14th January 2022 Written Update – freejobalertportal

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Say 14th January 2022 Episode Written Update Serialized by Star Plus. Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Say 14 January 2022 (14/1/2022) First Updated Written Updates with Postpostofindia.com

Summary of the Main Story: Kabhi Kabhi Iftefaq Say’s main story is yet to come. Please stay with us …

Live Days of the News: Monday through Friday

Language in English: Hindi

Current Initial Update: 14 January 2022: (14/1/2022)

Read Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Say 14th January 2022 Written Issue Update On our official site Latest Episode. Now, Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Say, the January 14, 2022 written issue renewal begins with Ridhesh Gungun saying that she is the reason. Gungun gets angry and tries to leave, but Ridhesh stops her and makes it clear that she should not hold Anu’s collar in the open, Anubhav is a respected man, he is a researcher. Ritesh adds that Gungun Anu needs to apologize. He told her how she treats any young woman. Gungun tells her that she is being slapped. Anu did not applaud her but instead tried to clarify her in words, says Ritesh. Gungun Anu does not apologize.

Garima has said that Ritesh should leave the matter as Gunung’s Birthday is coming. Ritesh agreed. She says that she is conditioned, that Gungun is here because she is supposed to welcome Chavi to her birthday celebration by going to her house specifically. Gungun refuses. Garima and Ridhesh tried to persuade her. She says her family was sweet with her at the wedding. Gungun said she would find Anu there. Garima pleaded with her to stay away from him and behave better with additional relatives. Gungan tells her that she’s not sure why she’s so sweet with him. Ritesh made it clear that the greatest people these days are inescapable, the honor of his family is reminiscent of his family. They met him once and still invited him to their girl’s wedding. Finally Gungun agrees. Anu’s family is discussing that Khushi is staying in law and losing her.

Chandru has to settle Kushi for the video decision, although Golu tells Khushi to let him invest the energy with her in-laws, who can see her when they come here for post-wedding ceremonies. Anu comes to the ground floor. Sragam and his family question him where he is going. He doesn’t talk to Anu and answers his place. Gungun wears his socks and boots and sings to Moh Ke Dha. Mute Gungun appeared there once. The family invites Gungan. Why did Anu come here? Gungun said with a handful of hers. Sunanda says Gungun has a sensitive hand to calm the tension between Anu and Gungun. Sargam Gungun applauds his greatness.

Gungun offers him an unexpected, but wonderful treat, but Anu calls it a shock. Gungun gives him dessert. Her aunt told her not to meet anyone who was basically nothing, so she brought every one of these. Said Gungun Chavi. Goli says that Chavi has gone to Kushi’s father-in-law’s house. Gungan tells her that the next day is her 21st birthday and intends to back it up and see if she can send the keys. Anu’s family dissolves, realizing that Gungun has a long way to greet Chavi. Goli says she will send the keys. Sunanda tells her that someone will drop the keys and take her. Gungan agrees and says it’s time for the party. The mourner says that such meetings will only strengthen the relationship.

Anu says that Chavi does not come because none of her family goes to late night parties. The family accepts Anu and says they will make a room-light mood-killer before 10pm. The goalie says they can discuss going in and welcomes her inside. Anu tells Goalie that she should never change her family’s principles for anyone. He says he can’t send the keys, hoping that Gungun’s birthday celebration is on the day. Chandru why, what happened. Anu says she has seen her companions, who resemble the fundamentalists. He tells her that Gungun and her companions are terrible. Divya gets annoyed with Gungun for coming home. Anubhav prepares to leave, though Gungun stops him and argues. Anu leaves, saying that she has no time to wage strange wars with her.

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