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Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2021 Written Update – freejobalertportal

Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2021 Written Update – freejobalertportal

Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2021 Episode Written Update Serialized from Zee TV. Read Kundali Fortune 16 November 2021 (16/11/2021) Written Updates with freejobalertportal.com

Summary of the Main Story: Please stay with us …

Live Days of the News: Monday through Saturday

Language in English: Hindi

Current Initial Update: 16th November 2021: (16/11/2021)

Read Kundali Bhagya 16 November 2021 Written Issue Update On our official site Latest Episode. Now, Kundali Bhagya’s renewal of the 16th November 2021 written issue begins with Prithvi, revealing himself that Preeta should be blamed for how she handled him. She says she has the right to eat sweets on Diwali. Sherlyn took care of the sweets and requested them Diwali wishes. She informs him that she will host him as soon as time allows. She tells him what happened with Pihu and Preetha. Upon hearing her, he becomes cheerful and says that Preeta deserves it. Well, she’s leaving that stage.

Then again, Preeta and Karan go to Pihu’s room and see Pihu Dojing. She feels sorry for Pihu and she goes numb. He picks her up and takes her from there. It was watched by Sonakshi and Sherlyn. Sherlyn thinks Sonakshi is responsible for Preeta’s condition and goes inside.

Karan said Sonakshi drove the vehicle faster. Preeta recovered her awareness and took the name of Pihas. He tells her that she was being taken to a medical clinic because she was black. She tells him that she is fine and she needs to return home because of the shortcomings. He tells her he is going to the emergency clinic and he kisses her at her temple. Sonakshi looked at it and drove fast. Karan said she drives safely.

They come to the medical clinic. Karan told the doctor that Preetha was fainting. In the light of the fact that she is genuinely and intellectually upset after the tragedy of her little girls, Preeta tells the doctor that she thinks she has fainted. Doctors say that Preeta is dealing with everyone except disregarding her well-being, and that they step through each test, experts tell him that these manifestations are symptoms of pregnancy, so they step through the pregnancy test and tomorrow they get their report.

Rishabh watches Lauer Mehta call Sherlyn and he sleeps on the bed. Sherlyn came out of the washroom and picked up the call. She tells him that she can’t talk now and separates the call. He checks on her and she cheats on him as Sanjana calls her and apologizes for disturbing his relaxation. He thinks about why she is lying and thinks that maybe Sanjana is really calling Sherlyn.

At Lutra’s house, Preeta laughed at the doctor’s comments about pregnancy. Karan said that for what reason she laughed. She hopes she gets some exciting news. Sonakshi goes to bring milk to Preeta. Preeta Karan additionally sees his concern for her and informs her that he is a victim. He hugs her. Sonakshi sneered at the doctor’s words. She mixes one bottle in milk and gives it to Preetha. She drove her to drink milk but Karan stopped her and told her she was leaving them. Preetha drank that milk and left Sonakshi’s room. She lay on the bed and Karan went inside the washroom.

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