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Before you take a flight with your 2022 resolutions, stop at the “baggage claim”. This Monday, January 17, marks the first full moon of the year, which will be your twelfth surrender and farewell home. Don’t let the drama “So 2021” stay in the next chapter of life. Use the next two weeks to wrap loose ends, say goodbye fondly and forgive people wherever you can. These lunar rays can bring you a powerful “violet light moment” because the full moon descends directly from the mutant Pluto on the zodiac. The situation you have conquered can be torn apart by your hands, beginning a long process of grief. On the other hand, you may laugh at the divine humor. Uhum, how excited are you about that? Really? Emotionally, be easy on yourself because your mood can transform from second to second as you process all the changes. Emotions pass and quickly, once you decide to negotiate. Still fine? You will be amazed at all the new opportunities that will come to you after you reduce your burden.

While not exactly a wild social cycle for the past few years, it probably won’t stop you from improving your status with certain groups and organizations. And you can take advantage of some popularity starting on Tuesday, January 18th, as the North Node of the Moon moves to Taurus and your 10th house of ambition and career success. From now until July 17, 2023, you will be challenged to enter the full real power of the forest and become your business to emphasize your business! This cycle comes every 18.6 years, so you want to maximize every ounce of lift you can deliver. But to reach a certain milestone, you need to know where you are going. Focus on your top three career goals, which include a self-created position, a salaried job, or the good you can do in the world. People may be watching you for clues to their own lives, so model integrity. In addition to your chart, the South Node projects equally striking towards your home center. There may be situations with family members and your inner circle and it is imperative that you handle them diplomatically.

But don’t expect to cross the straight line from point A to gamer status, as well as on Tuesday, the wild child Uranus will wake up to the annual retreat that began last August 19th. The innovative planet is Taurus and moves quickly through your career circle. Over the next seven months, his real answer might be a little farther east than he expected. Be open to guidance from outside sources, especially people who have made their own successful base. This is your official expression that makes you shine brightly, especially when you use humanitarian Uranus as a way to give back through your gifts.

The affirmation of life this Wednesday will increase the urge to merge when Aquarius and your Seventh House visit his month of affairs. For business or pleasure, make the extra effort to nurture the partnerships you love to grow and grow in 2022. The seeds you plant now produce beautiful flowers in no time. You are a giver by nature, but your generous sign exaggerates with displays of love. Make sure your recipient of your generous gifts is worth your time and energy. Of course, this also means explaining your needs. Start doing that now so you can share the prologue instead of waiting until the dam breaks and things get dramatic!


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