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Goals, goals, goals! The time to make those career decisions for 2022, as the first full moon of 2022 arrives in Karkataka, sets your agenda for your fateful 10th house. But when you map out their actions, be realistic with yourself: Do your personal and family relationships support their career progression? And did they create a solid foundation to help them rise through the ranks? This full moon can be so inspiring that it forces you to face some difficult odds. Protestant opposition to Transformer Pluto reveals the misaligned aspects of his life and this could cause a temporary turmoil in the week! Instead of panicking, take the opportunity to re-sync your universe. You need your inner circle to stand up for you, but that also means they can let you call too. Light-hearted, useless conversations may be hiding some backstage mess that you really need to clean up. The ability to lift the curtain and open the oiled machine is not only outwardly gorgeous.

Let’s get metaphysical! On Tuesday, January 18, the Libra will begin its mysterious journey as the North Node of the Moon leaves its philosophical 9th ​​house and moves into the Taurus and its emotionally intense 8th house. From today until July 17, 2023, this energetic period can bring about some karma-tinged interactions that deepen interpersonal connections and spiritual pursuits and facilitate personal transformation. But, as you have probably learned many times, there are no steps to quit! If you really want to be close to someone, you have to reveal your own desires. The kind of bond you crave requires vulnerability, especially if it is (or may be) a sexual relationship. Trust is key, and if you are unsure about the person you choose, test the capability with some heartfelt revelations. Little by little, you (and you) can gain the confidence to let go of your guards and embrace the kind of intimacy that leads to sensual and spiritual communication. Are you already in a relationship? A deeper intimacy calls, but is your partner living up to your desires? You may need to make some important decisions. Take your time and don’t jump to conclusions. Throughout your chart, the equally impressive South Node is heading towards Scorpio, where it activates your money zone. The next 20 months is your time to re-stabilize things financially so you can build a secure relationship from the ground up.

On Tuesday, the disruptive Uranus wakes up from a retreat that began at your 8th fusion on August 19th. Justice for the Libra pantheon is ubiquitous, but how do you interpret it? Uranus is literally anything, so if you keep the score and divide it in half, consider a new approach. Perhaps there is a new way to separate the “coin” in some relationships. And if you are constantly quarreling over who does some dirty work, it may be time to save (or trade) for outside support.

On Wednesday, February 18th, Valentine can arrive as soon as the sun is floating in the house of Aquarius and your fifth romance. Holiday glimpses and glitter (and, yes, after parties) can be in the back mirror. But this does not mean that the celebrations are over. This week calls for some big, life-affirming mojo, Tula, which you have an obligation to invite. If none of your extracurricular activities “make you happy,” swipe to the left and open your calendar for activities that boost your enthusiasm. And make life feel lively, fun and romantic again.


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