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Meet 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Meet 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Visit the written issue update on teleserialupdates.com, a written issue update of 13 November 2021

Amma tells Anubha to meet on 13th November 2021, Manushi tell her to go out to live in her room, pity that she is living like a thief. Meet in the walk and ask who’s hiding. Mum, don’t listen to me. Anubha says no one is hiding that we are talking about a different thing, go and clean the cooler and I will put it in the storeroom. Ask Meg Anubha. Anubha says there is an ape that hides all the time.

Amma said no, holding Meat in hand and ready to go. Anubha comes and says Amma Don’t Do Stop. Amma stop her now. Her husband left her here. Anubha said she would not go. Mum picks her up but leaves the watch at the table while the meeting is going on and she looks up at the watch stop. Anubha said she would go whenever she wanted.

Mum said if you don’t go I’m going to drop her. Meat Ahlawat thinks his watch is dead after the Meat Pick Up watch has fallen. Anubha asked what happened. Meet says this watch is not working and its mirror is also broken I think it’s a bad omen so something bad will happen. Anubha says nothing will happen, don’t worry, Ahlavat met him angrily and walked away, that’s why you are thinking, come on,

You have to have patience now. You have respect for two houses. We had a quarrel early on as Meat says but this time something bad could happen and I was very worried that the TGIS watch wasn’t even working. Don’t worry and show her the ideal of the Goddess Anubhava who says ‘Take her to the worship room, she told you that nothing bad will happen to you.’ Meet Pray please take care of Meet Ahlawat.

Manushi tells Kunal on the phone that she will be back soon, visit her aunt’s house and start celebrating.

Goons are a person inquiry. Kunal walks into the dealer and threatens Kunal. Kunal says he can satisfy you by hitting me but you can’t get revenge, he informed the police about your drug packet and show me a photo of Meat. The dealer says why we should trust you. You can call the police and find out the truth, ”Kunals said. The dealer says we are lost because of her, leaving her and not asking where I can find her. Kunal says she is out on the Chandigarh highway with her husband and don’t let her go she is dangerous.

Visit unable to illuminate Dia. According to Anubha, first appease you, women are always fighting for marriage as Kashi Bay becomes her husband’s power.

Drug dealer meets Ahlawat. Try to light up Meet Dia but she burned herself. Meet Ahlawat shouting what happens, you will not see. Drug dealer met Ahlawat and asked where your wife was. Meet Ahlawat so they get to know her.
Meet Light Dia. Anubha says Yoshi Meat Ahlawat is proud of Kashe Bai, just like Baji Rao is proud, Raj Ahs believed in you in this marriage and you can overcome the darkness with genuine effort.

Meet Ahlawat and talk to her and shout out to me. The drug dealer calls him and says your wife gave our drug packet to the police and we will not leave her foe. Meet Ahlawat and remember that packet and how it got to my car. Another goon says call her now. Meet Ahlawat first and we talk a bit.

Anubha says you should support and care for Ahlawat. Meet try to stop Fia from going. Anubha says that she should swear before the Goddess that she will never leave Meath Ahlawat. Take the Meath vow and he says I will never leave him alone.

Meet Ahlawat quarreling with a drug dealer. Ahlawat gets hit in the head and the dealer asks his spouse to call his wife. Meet Mehlavat gets a call from his phone. Ahlawat meets him and the dizziness has begun. Try calling Meet Ahlawat. Ahlawat meets him and hits him so badly. Anubha asked who called you. Meat says it is ahhhlawat and the sound of the storeroom door is heard. Follow the whistle and go to the storeroom and find Manushi on the floor with a stool on her. Anubha was worried. Meet Take Manushi. Drug Dealer Ahlawat is choking and hitting Meat.

She took Anubha Manushi to her room. Amma was worried. Remember Meet and Connect All the dots tell you you already knew and why you hid her. Meat tells Anubha that you know I am her Lucifer but you lied to me. Anubha says Meet Me Ahlawat is here and how can I tell you that I do not want to ruin your relationship. Ask where she was and with whom she ran. Don’t worry, Anubha says go to your aunt’s house and forget about it. Meat says I won’t go until I talk to her. Amma says Manushi Gains Conscience. Visit Manushi and ask where you ran, and answer that you ran with Kunal. Anubha asked who Kunal was. “I don’t know. I have a headache and she’s acting strange. I don’t know who Kunal is,” Manushi said. Meet says so tell me why you ran away and with whom. Mum told her to stop and run for you. Meat tells her what’s going on.

Ahlawat fell to the ground and met the severely wounded and tried to get his phone but was defeated. Anubha received a call from the meet. Meet Picks Ahlavat phone and say goons come down the highway… visit terrified


Visit the written issue update precap of 13 November 2021:Meet rushes to meet Ahlawat and escapes the goon and meets Ahlawat


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