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Visit the written update on the 19th January 2022 issue Serialized by Zee TV. Written Updates with Latest Episode to Meet 19 January 2022 (19/1/2022)

Summary of the Main Story: Meet Main Story Still to Come Please Hold With Us …

Live Days of the News: Monday through Friday

Language in English: Hindi

Current Initial Update: 19 January 2022: (19/1/2022)

Read Meet the written issue update of 19th January 2022 On our official site Latest Episode. Now, meet the written issue of 19 January 2022, Anubha stops Manushi and tells her that this is Meht’s first Lohri. She should stay with everyone. , Raj says it is good to go, we are not such a parent in law, and Meat goes back in time and is occupied by Babita too, so everything is okay, you are usually very helpful as a young girl too – Anubha says she has to work with everyone and hug Meat and murmur that you don’t work Did you not tell them, how much do you make me feel, Meat thinks she’s behind me to quit.

Anubha tells Loh that she has some clothes, Meat murmurs such cost, Anubha’s mouth closed and Meat Ahlavat took Indore, put it in the sanctuary and applied it to Meat after worship and said I should leave now. Anubha left her hand in frustration and scolded Manushi and walked away. Anubha asked me to keep Meet Ahlawat and Meet Sindoor in the sanctuary, Meet Ahlawat told me why you did not leave, Meat says you did not tell me yesterday, stay here and tell me what is off – base, Meet Ahlawat I am God and you have, which gives me certainty.

Sunaina tells Babita that she is ready and they both leave, Meat sees Babita and Sunaina leave and says we will be able to talk later, Meet Ahlawat is right. Meat follows Babita and Sunaina and tells her that this is not looking good. Seeing Manushi leaving, and saying that I’m sure Babita is scolding you today, this will be a good show for Lohri. Of Babita and Sunina gynecologists, Babita says that I want to know if Sunina has any real connection with any other person, then my child, she remarried seven days ago and she has a real relationship and I want to know if science has progressed. Meat thinks she’s doing this, experts say Sunina is good at this and she doesn’t have to do this. I’m ready. Sunaina stops by to meet and tells her that although science has progressed and has not focused more on a woman’s self-esteem, don’t do it yourself. Babita checks the experts and contact Meat and tells them to avoid it.

Meet says it’s not okay, Babita says you can stand up against me Pariah and Sunaina, but instead you say okay and stop the meet Babita and I will never come into conflict with you and Sunina never told me Base, Babita asked why, she went out all night with Ravi and I have to see if she is lying or getting clean, Sunina tears, Babita said to her set we have to give women tests, and I am a woman. But Sunaina didn’t say that Tej additionally returned after such countless years and we know nothing about them. To interrogate him, Babita stopped the visit and did not say a word against my child.

Meat says I’m sad, I have to say that we have no clue how long it takes for Tej to get ready, and the relationship grows in faith, so I understand why this is and why she and the traditions of testing women and women when they show confidence in you I am inspired by you, how can we let this happen, but we must uphold each other, Babita says everything is contextual, you may be right for me and I am late for the shop and no one should be aware of this.

The guarantee says no one will find out about this. Others at Ahlawat Manor are preparing yo fly kite, Ragini tells you why you haven’t prepared the entire set, Raj says there is fun in preparation, I have something important to say to my father, I am tired. For that reason you have not said anything before, in that case Meet Ahlawat could not work with me, I am happy to see you take responsibility, you can join right away.

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