Home Entertainment Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wally 17th November 2021 Written Update at teleserialupdates.com

Mehndi High Structure Volley 17th November 2021 Come to Sulochana Home Today I will look for ತ್ith women and show everyone. She asks who she is, asking what Sarada is, and Milind tells me when did she arrive. Sulochana comes to consciousness and says I have seen women like me, Milind said what you are talking about nonsense, I will take you to the doctor, you will be fine.

Sumit hits Warangal hotel waiter who tells Pallavi the truth.
Pallavi and Amrita reached home, Pallavi was delighted and Raghav hid things from me.

And I can save my family and come back to them and say, “I can sort everything out with Raghav and tell him the truth and finish his mistake. Let’s call everyone today for lunch and then I can have a fresh start.” Sharada says I will call them for lunch.
Sharada called Jaya and Pallavi invited all of you to dinner. Bunny come on. Jaya says okay and cuts the call.

Jaya tells Raghav and Keerthi about the invitation to dinner, Kirtay says let’s go about Isha, Raghav I am excited to have dinner with her and you go ahead. I will meet after meeting.

“Rajni is hiding, Milind is out. He is sleeping, Rajni is Milind. Things are getting very complicated.” .

Sumit tells Isha about finding the truth Pallavi and tells him that I shot him and locked him. Isha is worried and says the real problem is Pallavi and if she tells Raghav Raghav won’t listen to me, I can’t let her do this.

Jata Abd Keerthi comes to Deshmukh, embraces Pallavi Jaya, and says, “Don’t worry, everything will be over soon. Jula asks where Sulochana is, Milind asks if she is not well, Pallavi asks where Raghav is, Kirti says he will come later. At the meeting.

Sharda asks Jaya why she is so worried, Jaya says that she is in a lot of trouble with my children, Sharda says trust and trust your daughter, Jaya is right. When Keerthi asks Pallavi what’s going on, Sunny thinks I’m dying to know what it is.

Pallavi came to Rao Mansion, she decided to tell Raghav and saw Isha behind her, Isha said it was not easy to beat me. She took him upstairs to the room, tied her to a chair, closed her mouth, locked herself out of the living room and walked out.

Jaya says where are the two of them, Mansi says that it may take more time for Raghav’s meeting, Milind says let me try Pallavi and her phone can’t be reached.

Raghav dares to see Isha. How dare you go in and go out? You have to listen to me. I know you are angry and your biggest enemy. You don’t stop because you have feelings about me and I can do everything to get you,

Pallavi treats you like a slave and does not want you and decides who you want, who accepts you or who you want to change and if you choose me over the refrain, I will take the case back and if you don’t. t and I win the case, you lose everything, so marry me and get a wife who loves you, and Pallavi hurts you in jail and loneliness and family, mum and fame leave you, so tell me who you choose, you come with me and you Are you.

Raghav Pallavi’s voice in Isha’s hand rushed to the sound.
Jaya, Keerthi, Sharada Raghav, Pallavi worry. Milind said I would go check, Kirti said me and Sunny go check. Sunny has received a call from Sumit.
Raghav searches Pallavi, tells her that Pallavi has done this to Isha and that Isha has lied and conspired all this and tells her what the waiter has told her. Isha walks in and says, Wow, you are so bad, you weren’t but me and Raghav know the truth and Raghav loves me and he loves me and he wants and he wants and you are not.


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wally 18th November 2021 Written Issue Update PreCap:Show the gun to Pallavi Esha, you ruined my life, I will finish you now, Raghav consoles, Pallavi says I will not and shoot.


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