Home Entertainment Mere Sai 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Mere Sai 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Mere Sai 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Mere Sai 12th November 2021 Written Update on Written Issue, teleserialupdates.com

Mere Sai tells the worker to take it carefully 12th November 2021. It is quite expensive. Salim Khandoba is waiting outside the temple. His cousin (Rasheed) then reaches there. Salim and Rasheed hugged. Santa and Bunter look up. Salim looks at Rasheed. You look like aliens. Rashid makes a joke. Salim picked up his bag.

When Rashid offered to pick it up for himself, he would choose a large box wrapped in ribbon. Salim asks about it. Rasheed says how to give gifts in London. Salim is curious to know what’s inside but Rashid tells him Tau Ait. We open it in front of Bhabhi and Ali. They go to Salim’s place.

Santa and Bunter decide to tell Sarkar about the gift. It should not ruin his image!

People are curious to see Rashid walking with Salim holding the big box. Sai greets Salim on the way. Salim introduces Rashid to Sai. Rashid says his brother knows him. You wrote about them in every letter. Even Sultan Bhai was talking about them. Rashid and Sai greeted each other. Kakasahab asks Salim to make 150 blankets for charity. Salim agrees but is tense about hearing about the deadline.

Salim hesitates but agrees. The Kakasahabeans advance. Salim noticed Sai leaving the box and Sai took leave. He wonders what might be inside. Even Sai looked at it subtly. I can’t wait anymore. Kakasahabera asked Sai what rush was in making blankets. We could get them even after 4 days of Diwali. Salim was late. Sai says we do not bow down when there is responsibility. That’s what I tried to do.

Santa and Bunta tell Sarkar about a gift from London. How about if the villagers don’t see the lights of your house on Diwali? Sarkar strikes them. Rasheed still works as a servant in London. How can he fix my condition? No one in Shirdi can match my status regardless of the number of gifts! He sends them. It should be sweets. Speaking of something special! He puts the idea out of his mind.

Rasheed tastes food made by Rihanna. Rasheed Salim notices that the gift is looking. He picks up his brother and then tells Ali to look at his gift. Until then, your father has no peace. Ali puts the box in front of them. Rashid tells Salim to open it. Salim opens it warmly and laughs broadly. Ali and Rihanna are just as happy to see Gramophone. Ali suggests that Sarkar / Keshav also had one. He laughs at the CDs inside. Salim has touched. My own Gramophone!

Sai says we must pay the price for the love that someone gives us. There is no greater gift than love! Allah Malik!

Salim grabs the gramophone. Rihanna tells Rasheed that she cannot accept such an expensive gift from you. Rasheed asks why not. Am I not part of your family? When my father passed away, Salim’s womb raised me.

I can do so much for my family because I am successful today. If you consider me yours, please don’t reject it. Salim received the gift. How do we play it? Rasheed gives him a demo. Everybody laughs. The neighbors heard the noise and gathered outside Salim’s house. Santa and Bunter pass from there and listen to music. He peers into Salim’s house and looks at the gramophone.

Rashid tells Salim to get accustomed to this kind of crowd. This will continue. You will now become a celebrity. Enjoy the music and watch me. Salim asks where he is going. Rashid shares that he must go to Sakori to meet his Mousi and then return to Bombay. Rihanna requests them to stay at least one day but Rashid promises that they will now meet each other once they return. Salim offers to let him in but Rashid Ali says. Salim and Rasheed embrace and then leave with Rasheed Ali.

Salim invites everyone to come in and listen to the music. He greets them as they enter.

The servant is cleaning the gramophone. Sarkar tells him to beware. This is a delicate matter. Santa asks why he doesn’t throw an old instrument. Sarkar applauds for the unthinkable. Instead I throw you! Such things signify your prosperity and growth. Banta shares that Salim has received a Gramophone gift. Sarkar asked him why he had not told him earlier. We told you but you know for sure that this is a normal thing, says Santa. You’ve had it for years so we thought it wasn’t special.

The Sarkar has shrugged to cover it up. Shantha says the villagers know nothing. They gathered outside Salim’s house to listen to music. They too get bored just like you. Sarkar asks if there are more people. Santa nodded. They are fools. They were comparing you with Salim. Sarkar thought that the only thing that belonged to him was with the common man. Keep track of his house. They are confused.

I am not worried by Salim but Sarkar says he is a Sai devotee. I will not leave him to use that gift to hide my decoration on Diwali. Santa asks him if that is what happened. Sarkar says I will not take the time to destroy it.


Mere Sai 13th November 2021 Written Issue Update PreCap:Sai asks Srikanth if everyone has given him his share. Srikanth shared that everyone except Salim has donated. Sai criticizes that nothing is cooked until Saleem gives her share. He asks Tatya to bring his chakki.


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