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Pandya Store 10th February 2022 Episode Written Update Serial By Star Plus. Read Pandya Store 10 February 2022 (10/2/2022) Written Updates with

Summary Main Story: Pandya Store Main Story Still Has To Come With Hold On…

Newscast Live Days: Monday To Friday

Tv Show Language: Hindi

Current Begin Update: 10th February 2022: (10/2/2022)

Read Pandya Store 10 February 2022 Written Episode Update on Our Official Site Latest Episode. Now, Pandya Store 10th February 2022 Written Episode Update Starts With Dhara Says They Won Their Trust. They’re all melody weapon firearm guna. As Suman said, they are moving. Gautam says that Rishita and Raavi got it. Suman gets happy and goes with them. Shiva, who is dozing and respects him in the night Raavi rests close. Shiva turns to rest and puts her hand around her abdomen. Raavi kisses Shiva on his cheek.

Shiva awakens and is going to yell, yet Raavi shuts his mouth. Ravi shows the telephone camera through Shiva’s cheek on the lipstick mark. She flees. Suman awakens and gets stunned watching the lipstick mark. It turns out Raavi’s fantasy. She wishes that it could very well be genuine. Raavi takes a gander at Suman’s room and tells her that she can carry Shiva to their room.

She requested that the cleric’s recommendation keep up with the adoration connection between a couple and the minister saying that the connection should resemble Lord Shiva and the snake that is in his neck. She recollects that time when a nibble catcher came and took the snake box with the minister of endowments. Ravi needs to get that crate in any case. Krish comes to Raavi’s space to get charger. He watches the book, stunts to charm the young men. Ravi comes and gets stunned on tracking down Krish with her book. Raavi said that he returned. Book with Krish flees. Raavi pursues him.

Rishita said Krish to her book. She grabs it and watches Ravi’s book and hands to Raavi. Rishita needs somebody gift a name that gives stunts to keep spouse blissful so he battles her less. Shiva shows up there. Raishi says that fortune on Rishita passes. Shiva said Ravi is talking about Rishita. Krish prods telling him and flees against plotting. Shiva attempts to grab the book from Raavi. In this cycle, two of them fall on the ground and Shiva turns in a few pages, including a book. He understands it and tosses it in the dustbin. He wishes that he could toss the refuse to Raavi like this.

Raavi says that Shiva is her, so she won’t let him get it done. Pandya’s Siblings Get Back The Proportions Expected To Satisfy Theirs. Rishita and Raavi come there. The Rishita gloats are getting the same for themselves. Dhara says that they need to clean the grains and convey them on schedule. Rishita says that she can go to work with her today, however she can go to the workplace.

Raavi said that Rishita was taking off and helping in the banquet as she was converted to a cleric about the equivalent. Rishita says that there are individuals who can help her at home, so she will go to the workplace. Ravi and Rishita before Suman tosses her stick. Suman reprimands battling for them. Prafulla watches outside. Shiva coming out looking at Shiva. Shiva gets a call and leaves.

Kamini insults Janardan and says that Pandya’s got the store for the sanctuary’s dining experience. Rishita went to converse with the minister about it stunning Janardan. She is faithful to the family’s eating of their home’s salt. Rishita said that Suman acknowledges that Dhara, yet the two of them can do a decent job. Any problem without the huge said. Suman insults Rishita that she is taking a job on the finish. Rishita says that this is the issue that they all imagine that the main Dhara can do. Gautam denies it and says that they trust them.

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