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Pandya Store 12th November 2021 Written Episode Written Update – freejobalertportal

Pandya Store 12th November 2021 Written Episode Written Update – freejobalertportal

Pandya Store 12th November 2021 Episode Written Update Serialized by Star Plus. Read Pandya Store 12 November 2021 (12/11/2021) Written Updates with freejobalertportal.com

Summary of the Main Story: Pandya Store main story is yet to come. Please stay with us …

Live Days of the News: Monday through Saturday

Language in English: Hindi

Current Initial Update: 12th November 2021: (12/11/2021)

Read Pandya Store 12 November 2021 Written Issue Update On our official site Latest Episode. Now, a written issue update of Pandya Store 12th November 2021 begins with embracing Gautam Dhara and ensuring that the baby is well. Gautam imagines that no one can say his concern. He breaks the hugs and said she thinks positively. Dhara said why he felt his eyes were saying differently.

Gautam says no. Gautam believes that his detachment from the inside will logically befall Dara if something happens to their child. Dhara pushed forward. One of the comedians, Gautam, has told Diwali the cash. Dhara pivots and does not track Gautam. Gautam is masked as a comedian and gives Dhara a heart-shaped balloon. The balloon will explode. Dara laughed. Gautam moves on. Tere Mast Do Nine plays in BG. Dara smiled. Gautam kisses Dhara on her temple. Dhara says that he looks attractive. Gautam says that he can do whatever he wants to her satisfaction and she is happy so her child stays as a child.

Suman Siva answered. Shiva chose Suman to accept the feelings of his heart. Ravi gets a call and takes the telephone to respond. Suman shrugs that he has run a significant test, but Ravi doesn’t count it. Ravi says its legal advisers are calling. Suman said go for it. Legal consultants say that the last hearing of their separation on Diwali is the day after Ravi and Shiva were stunned. Suman tells her to go to court the next day of Diwali and end her friendship with Ravi. Suman tells him that Ravi should go and what Shiva wants. Shiva says that Ravi is stunned and goes to court. Gautam and Dhara return home and hear this.

Suman tells her that Dishas will call parents to correct the commitment. Gautam tells Suman that this is now the basis for discussing the commitment. Suman closed him. Suman tells Shiva to avoid Ravi after their separation, telling Shiva to tell Gautam that no young woman has the right to see her better half. Dhara tells her that Ravi is going through something similar. She sends Shiva to Disha while Ravi is still Shiva’s partner. Suman tells her that she does not love Shiva because Ravi is stone-faced.

Dhara says Suman cannot say this, Chief Ravi knows. Dara Summaniru means Gautam. Suman says that Shiva and Ravi’s separation happens and then she wants to, which is her choice. Suman leaves. Dara says this is not okay. Gautam tells Dhara to let Shiva and Ravi have a choice about it. Gautam said why she was interfering. He said he did not understand why he was being quiet and that the expert refused to push her, saying that he was not under pressure. Dhara says that Shiva and Ravi are fools who do not understand the results. She insists that she will not surrender and will try to save their relationship at any cost. Dara fainted. Gautam is holding Dhara.

The directors tell Rishita Kap that they have given up their money, so they have the privilege to come up with ideas. Rishita is having a problem with her important person, requesting to deploy another agent in her place. The administrator refused and told her to calculate her inequalities with her better half. Ravi gives water to Dare. Do not give in to the pressure, Shiva said he would look after his life and his happiness and he told Zero that he was going to give it to his family. Dhara Shiva said that for what reason this separation program would not end. Gautam said she did not break her head in the battle of Shiva and Ravi. Shiva said he would disappear. He gets some information about Shiva and Ravi and thinks about their child. He takes the dhara from that point on. Ravi says Dhara got bored after hearing the exclusions on the last trial date. Shiva tells her that Ravi has accepted her legal counsel and blows up.

Gautam puts Dhara on the bed. Dhara said what the expert said. Gautam inspects the words of experts and said that their child will be happy if they are cheerful. Dhara imagines Gautam still hiding something. Krrish hears the sound of the scooty horn and pivots to discover the fame. Ishq wala love plays in biji. Krrish boasts that he does not like and criticize his posts in the online media. Krrish says he was doing it deliberately without his family knowing. Keerthi says that Chief Rishita is there. Krish is cheerful and says she likes her posts anymore. Kirti says he thought he was saving the information as a poor man. Krrish may not be as rich as her, but she says she’s not poor because her shop is well run.

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