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Pandya Store 17th November 2021 Written Episode Written Update – freejobalertportal

Pandya Store 17th November 2021 Written Episode Written Update – freejobalertportal

Pandya Store 17th November 2021 Episode Written Update Serialized by Star Plus. Read Pandya Store 17 November 2021 (17/11/2021) Written Updates with freejobalertportal.com

Summary of the Main Story: Pandya Store main story is yet to come. Please stay with us …

Live Days of the News: Monday through Saturday

Language in English: Hindi

Current Initial Update: 17th November 2021: (17/11/2021)

Read Pandya Store 17 November 2021 Written Issue Update On our official site Latest Episode. Now, Pandya Store said that the written issue of the 17th November 2021 issue of Shiva will begin with Shiva. Ravi obeys. Shiva helps Ravi get rid of her head protector. Shiva rides a bicycle while Ravi is seated behind him. Gautam drops on Dhara at Pandya’s house. “What is it?” Gautam tells her that she is tracking Dara and she is not at home. Suman thinks about where Dara can do when she’s not well. Dev falls on Rishita and shows up there. Dev asked if he had seen Rishita. Gautam says no and Dhara is additionally absent. Suman tells her that Rishita may have gone to the office. Dev tells her that Rishita is on vacation and she is noticing the call.

Dhara and Rishita meet the wedding guide to prevent Shiva and Ravi from splitting. Dhara says that Shiva and Ravi are frantic, she made the whole case clear to you, they really love each other. Rishita says she needs to stop this separation. Shiva and Ravi are coming. Shiva sees Ravi holding his shoulder and today he feels permanently separated. Ravi believes that on the day of their separation, she admits that her life is shattered without him.

Disha tells Rishita and Dhara something may be in the issue so they are not paying attention to the call. Suman tells her that Janardhan may have captured Dhara along with Rishita. Dev blows up. Gautam calms him down by reminding him of the wrong idea that happened last time. Gautam said that Dev would message her when she called Dhara. The tutor says that Ravi is fortunate to have a stable father-in-law who has faith in keeping the relationship as opposed to breaking it. Dhara said she would stop this feud. The preacher says that it is not in his grasp, the law can be considered sentimental, but it cannot pay attention to it.

Ravi and Siva came to court. Prafulla phoned Ravi to find out if she had split up. Ravi yelled at her and told her what she wanted. Prafulla says she wants her happiness. Ravi says that she cannot comprehend that her happiness depends on the people she adores. She separates Kara. Shiva said if she was afraid to go inside. Gautam and Dev are trying to call Dhara and Rishita. Krish shows up and tells Rishita and Dhara that they cannot be traced. Dev should go to Janardhan, but Gautam stops him and tells him why Janardhan kidnapped Dhara. Suman says that perhaps Rishita Dhara received an emergency clinic and her well-being has deteriorated. Dev says he could have addressed all the things considered. When Gautam chooses to call a specialist, Dev sets out to find him. The preacher says that the separation of Chief Shiva and Ravi can be stopped.

Rishita laments that this attempt to prevent separation has been additionally futile. Shiva and Ravi are reviewing their minutes, their past wars. Chal Ghar Chale Simple Hamdam. Ravi also said that he would be able to mate even after she had departed, in the event that Dharas would leave to play with the baby and not remove her as before. Whether Disha would fail to remember her youthful opponent after the wedding, she said. Lord Shiva gives water to Ravi.

Lord Shiva says that they are not mates before marriage or after marriage. He asked if he could meet Dara’s baby by saying she was her ex. Shiva watches Rishita and Dara in court. Ravi says that he is angry, regardless of whether he or she needs something else. Siva said that she does not talk trash. Dhara and Rishita must leave before Shiva recognizes them because he knows that he is here to prevent his separation with Ravi and explodes. Lord Shiva descends on Dhara. Dhara and Rishita run away and board an auto. They tell the driver to leave because an outlaw is following them. Shiva follows the auto and comes and stops.

Shiva said why the court has gone. He makes Ravi come back and goes to court. Rishita tells her that she has moved away from Shiva and told him what will happen with Siva and Ravi. Dhara tells her that everything depends on her choice and that they go to God for them. Gautam returns home and tells her that she did not find Dhara and Rishita. Dev shows up similarly and says that he cannot locate them. They say that Janardhan’s handiwork was behind his loss. At that moment Keerthi comes in and asks for it. Dev goes out and sees the fame.

Keerthi spoke with Rishita in the morning and requested to bring in a circuit repairer. Keerthi says that Janardhan has been home since morning. He has done nothing. He knows Gautam and she says come inside. Keerthi insists on not hurting Janardhan. Gautam explains that Dev was upset. Gautam decides to report to Rishita and Dhara’s missing police headquarters and leaves. Kirti says she will come later. Suman stopped her and told her that fame will not go anywhere until Dhara and Rishita return. She said, “Sit in the gym.” Experts said what to do. Suman tells her that she will not do any work until her girl-in-law returns.

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