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Valentine is at home! Yes, Pisces, we know it’s only January, but you can get the initial call from Cupid by activating your true love zone on the 17th of this month on the first full moon of 2022, Karkataka. An attraction that has been boiling over the past few months may begin to feel more than just a situation. A single fish can meet someone who has more than just a glimmer of hope and strength. Pisces in a relationship could have another level of news to share with friends over the next couple of weeks. But before you bully them with their friends’ suggestive grams, know this: the full moon collides with Pluto in its ideal 11th house all or nothing. Do you know what you’re getting into here? As a romantic, negotiate the terms of your engagement before committing to the next level. On the other hand, there are piles of fish that are reluctant to make too many sacrifices. When you want to be seen as a supportive, generous and compassionate partner, you need a break! Leave the mask on and ask what you want. For most of the week, that request could simply be “a time to move around with no commitment to anyone.” On the contrary, if you lean more on others, you may feel guilty. Send flowers or a thank you card; Make a gift by hand, but you don’t have to spend your whole life to set scores!

Whether you know it or not, Pisces has a message to share with the world. And his words can catch fire this Tuesday, January 18th, the North Node of the Moon moves into the Taurus, and this 18-month cycle until July 17, 2023, has not occurred in your communication center for 19 years, which can do wonders in the way you think and express. As a zodiacal charming visionary, when you are behind something entirely, you are hard to resist. You can choose to promote the brand or be the spokesperson for a significant movement. Whether it’s a fish LLC or a large corporation, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to showcase your skills and take them to the next level, whether it’s on a national platform or your own, like a podcast. Keep in mind that the North Node is the Flip Side South Node of “Coin”, which is moving to Scorpio and generates karmic connections with people from all over the world, as well as an exciting business venture of your own. And here is the most exciting part. Even if you are a fish out of water, you will sprinkle at home in those unknown seas.

The local scene begins to vibrate on Tuesday when Uranus, the community organizer, is awakened by a five-month retreat that began last August 19. Specialist in aerial yoga studio, volunteer transfers in food co-op, empty board position block or building association. With the planet’s “destroyer” at the helm of this mission, you will enjoy shaking things up with your presence. This is your Guru year, after all, the red-spotted planet in Pisces is calling for your visionary leadership. Wherever you go, you bring a spirit of affirmation and expansion. Good luck to any organization that is stale!

On Wednesday, let the healing begin! The Sun enters Aquarius and your twelfth house until February 18th. Your social life may slow down during this lonely sun spell, but you’ll be happy to have more time to relax in the tub. This respite will also give you the opportunity to tie up the loose ends of life. Which projects did not reach the goal? You have four weeks until the fish pile begins, so use them to clear up some space, literally and figuratively. Declutter your closets and do not identify them with Tinder glitches. Along the way, bring your body into balance with yoga, healthy food and plenty of water.


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