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On the side of money, power, honor, sexual tension. Monday is reserved for you as the first full moon of 2022 arrives in the constellation Karka and intensifies your energetic 8th house. And because he opposes the iron-clad Pluto, his competitive series rarely appears. By all means, contend for that crown, Sagittarius. This can be fun as long as you don’t get into cutthroat territory. Still fine? His severe determination could mean money in the bank for the next two weeks. Don’t forget the power of partnership because collaborating with other influencers can be the key to your empire. Romantic, this sensual full moon gives you an unfulfilled impulse to merge. Be careful, archer, because you can underestimate your own power. Push people off and they will go away. Be mysterious and a little inaccessible, and they will get behind you.

Shake it off, Sagittarius, and we mean all the stages! You are completing a major Karma Chakra this Tuesday, Jan. 18, leaving the South Node Sagittarius for the Moon, where it will be guiding you through some deep shadow work from May 5, 2020. This cycle only occurs once every 18.6 years. , A time of deep self-discovery, learned the hard way by confronting her shame and the fear of being buried while “suppressing” herself. (For reference, see Sagittarius #FreeBritney Spears.) This exhausting and awkwardly refreshing carriage ends on Tuesday, when South Node returns to Scorpio and is the twelfth house of your fantasy and inner healing by July 17, 2023. Equivalent across the chart. Impressive North Node, which enters Taurus and the sixth house of your work and service and health and fitness. You probably learned some hard lessons and thought you were paying off some heavy spiritual debt and maybe just joking loudly. But with that growth came the legal pressure on your body and soul as well. These next 18 months will help you simplify areas that are too complicated or out of control. Think in terms of keeping your health and wealth in order. But if you do it with an aggressive Sagittarius attitude you will not succeed. This process-driven nodal cycle helps you develop long-lasting (and life-changing) routines. He wins the race slowly and steadily.

But don’t worry, you won’t be bored! You may fear the word “diary,” your rituals may feel more after Tuesday, because the metaphysical Uranus wakes up from five months of sleep and turns straight to the Taurus for seven months. Repetitive tasks may be the key to meditation, empowerment and important progress in 2022. Set up systems for parts of your life and you have more freedom to experiment and discover others.

If you’re afraid (and who isn’t?), Take heart! The Sun will fly into Aquarius and your third-social home until Wednesday, February 18th. Whether you are hiking in the snow boots or starting a virtual mastermind, your people-loving self is at the wheel, giving you incentive to move steadily. Energy. . A new group may excite you, but make sure that membership does not take over your entire life. During this solar cycle of attack, there is something to be said for playing the course. Follow your desires! New instant links appear at each step. Start meetings, drinks and dates with friends. Your popularity is growing! Unique? Go back to dating apps and let your friends fix you. Attach? Less Netflix, more date nights away from home.


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