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Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th December 2021 Written issue, written update on

The episode begins with Bodyguards asking Arav Oswal to lock the house. Arav walks into his room and packs his clothes in the bag. The guards lock the gate. Reema and Vivan came home. They come into the house and the guards even lock the door. Reema asks where Arav is. Aditi runs to her room and finds him packing her clothes. Asking what you are doing. He says that I had to leave this house with Simar, that I had done something wrong and was going to correct the mistake. Vivan gets there and asks to stop. Arav said today that he has not done this yet. He sees the guards locking his door and pushes them away. She runs away. Reema thinks Arav will not stop today and only Badi Ma can stop him.

Badi walks into Yamini’s house with father-in-law Gajendra. They listen to the singing. Gajendra put a hand on the poor man’s shoulder. They open the door. Yamini stopped singing. They walk into her house.

Jogi gets in there and shoots in the air. Yamini Devi got up. Gajendra shoots in the air. Yamini and Jogi walk into each other. Badi Ma says that these hands will not shake today before firing a rifle and will not move to show your worth to her. Yamini said you are still counting the old stuff and your behavior is still the same. You always blame the rebels in your house. Badi Ma says we know what you want to do with my grandson. They say that I missed my goal last time, but that is not always the case. She says I will sacrifice anyone without blinking and without hesitation. She asks Arav to stay away. Yamini asks her to go somewhere and threaten others. She takes the name of Gopi. Gajendra says my father’s name is not. Yamini says Well, I’ll take your son’s name as Arav Oswal. She says for your information, I am not tempting Arav, love made him mad. He says that I have forgotten that love and affection have nothing to do with him. Arav also said that he loves my Gopi Ji. She says that no power in the world can stop him now. The body-father closes his eyes in pain. Yamini says that if you close your eyes, it will not happen overnight. She too is rebelling like Gopi Babu.

Vivan tries to stop Arav. Arav says that I am leaving this house, name, honor, etc., and I will die if I am only a minute away from my Simar. They say I am suffocating in these relationships and that I am leaving everything and this Oswal Mansion. Reema tells Vivan that Arav will not stop. I have to stop him, otherwise Vivan says two families will be destroyed. He runs down and hugs Arav. Arav tells him not to try to stop me and accuses him of attending Simar’s engagement behind his back and I know that you have some reason and I have some reason as well. He tells my father that he cannot bear the burden of being his son, and he says that I am breaking all ties that have separated Simmer and me. He says that no one is allowed to come between me and Zimmer.

I didn’t come here to hear all this. Your beloved grandson, whom you have grown so much in love with, becomes a rebel. Arav hits the guards and takes the keys from them. Vivian is shocked to see her rebel side. Arav then opened the door and pulled out the chain. Yamini tells Body Ma that she has no feelings to show for now and is not afraid to lose anything now. She said, “I see how you put a gun on your grandson.” Don’t interfere with our children, Gajendra says I can handle it. Yamini says I gave fire to the fire, what shall I do if the wind goes against you. He says the storm named Arav will not stop.

Arav opened the door and came out. Then he locks the door. Vivan, Reema and Aditi knock on the door.

PRECAP: Arav comes to Simar and says I came to pick you up. What relationship does Simmer ask? He shows her Mars and proposes marriage to her. Zimmer nods yes and hugs him.


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