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You will never put your cards on the table for any rando, unless they come in the tarot deck. (And even then!) But once you gain trust, you’ll be an open book. This Monday, January 17, 2022 the first full moon arrives in close cancer. Expect moments of soul-searching more than usual, as this will also enable your sincere 9th house. Embrace the attitude of authenticity, but do not underestimate the importance of a well-crafted delivery. When the truth is cleverly delivered it frees you. Time is everything, too, as this full moon confronts your ruler, strategic Pluto. Remember this basic rule: email and text message for confirmation, phone or IRL for conversation. Writing about a serious problem (rather than talking) will haunt you again. When pulling a skeleton out of the closet, all you need is a “wardrobe malfunction”, so be patient and wait for the full availability of people. This full moon awakens your wanderlust and your free spirit. Consider booking a solo tour before the end of January, perhaps a “I, I and I” spiritual retreat. Traveling to places where nobody knows anything about you allows you to uncover and shine unexplored parts of your personality.

That buzz you’re asking for? Don’t let Scorpio go to voicemail, this could be a karma call! On Tuesday, January 18th, the North Node of the Moon will travel to the 18-month excursion through Taurus and your committed relationships. Whether you are currently engaged, looking for love or licking his wounds, you will not be able to become the ghost of Cupid in this new nodal cycle. From now until July 17, 2023, you will have repeated opportunities to find, develop, or upgrade a special dynamic pair. This carriage will intensify your emotions, making you excited to dive in or give you something you haven’t seriously tried. It could be your romantic interest, writing or acting partner or professional associate. But whoever it is, there is some weight behind the connection, that sense of destruction. On the other side of your chart, the equivalent Karma South Node is moving to your sign and your ego-focused first home, pushing you to do more self-reflection and perhaps stop playing the old “scripts” of how you look. Your place in this world. It’s not fun, but the lightness and relief you feel when you succeed in renewing your own identity is worth all the pain and struggle, and then some!

Anything you object to in relationships can now grow into a rising tide, as Tuesday also marks the end of Uranus’ annual retreat, which began last August 19. As the neighboring planet moves forward in your relationships home, it invites you. More practical with the way you “make” love and relationships over the next seven months. Last week’s dead virtual connections could suddenly be connected with hope. Whether you are looking for a project partner to baehunting or partnering with a business idea, it doesn’t hurt to start swiping again. In short: it’s time to explore new frontiers!

From Wednesday, the sun will move towards Aquarius and your fourth nesting home when you want plenty of home time. With the sun in this spiritual sign, create spaces in your home that support your inner work. From the meditation and yoga area to the reading corner filled with plants and art, this is a great month to form your “Zen Zones”. With your inner circle of longing for the pile of time, make “dates” to chat with old friends, reconnect with family and disappear for some much needed solitude. If you’re looking to move, start your search now. You can pack for March!


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