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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 10th February 2022 Episode Written Update Serial By Star Bharat. Read Tera Mera Saath Rahe 10 February 2022 (10/2/2022) Written Updates with freejobalertportal.com

Summary Main Story: Tera Mera Saath Rahe Main Story Still Has Come To Hold With Us…

Newscast Live Days: Monday To Friday

Tv Show Language: Hindi

Current Begin Update: 10th February 2022: (10/2/2022)

Read Tera Mera Saath Rahe 10 February 2022 Written Episode Update on Our Official Site Latest Episode. Now, Tera Mera Saath Rahe 10th February 2022 Writing Episode Update Starts With Ashi Comes And Said That Everybody Quiet Down And They Will Watch The Different Sort Of Muh Dikhayi Custom And Said That The Specialist Begins With The Music Then, At That Point, Comes And Stands Close to Ramila. Playing music. A dupatta with her face covered by Gopika who is hitting the dance floor with Saksham. The visitor says Mithila is really an alternate kind of Muh Dikhayi custom. Priya in her room battles to emerge from the tied dupatta around her face. While moving Saksham gets some information about Priya’s whereabouts.

Gopika says that she tied the dupatta around Priya’s face so much that it would require some investment to emerge from her. Then, at that point, the two of them move in front of everybody. Priya in her room makes her things tumble down and thinks how she will be a piece of Muh Dikhayi in the event that she is here and cannot be ready to get this dupatta from liberated. She then, at that point, takes a scissor with that assisted sheer tear the dupatta. The music goes off. The Visitors said that Mithila cause her girl in regulation to uncover her face.

Saksham says the visitors to her significant other and Gopika lifts the dupatta uncovering her face to the stunning Modi’s. Mithila and Chirag get blissful. Ashi contemplates internally that both Saksham and Gopika dominated as their demonstration. Everyone and questions in front of Saksham act Gopika why is she here. The visitors said what an equal individual they had for the time they had led Muh Dikhayi. Gopika said what a good reason for the visitors and not everyone at the grins. Priya comes there.

Saksham Watches Priya So He’s Furious When He Is Charming When Gopika lets Him Know What He Could Do Saksham lets Gopika know that the grounds on which she is concerned are watching Priya is her and she doesn’t need to make any show. Mithila pardons see themselves as priya who chooses to come to visit. She stops her and said that her dignity is more significant for the fact that she is light in any dramatization. Minal comes there and says Mithila that Gopika has done an off-base thing.

Mithila says once the visitor leaves, they will discuss this and she will need to make the show which will be demolished. Minal concurs with her and said that Priya comprehends what is going on and she is the first daughter-in-law of the house who needs to be demolished and leaves the spot. Mithila comes and said that the visitors have food and thanks for coming to the store. The puzzling ladies more than once tell Modi house. Jignesh grasps her and says that she is going there so he will drop her and take her with him.

Milaila observes that she is wearing a saree before Ramila says she is going out and leaves the spot. The visitors additionally leave. Priya comes where Irately and takes the vase in her grasp and attempts at hitting her with her how-to-do-it-all Saksham stops her. Priya questions for Saksham what reason did he halted her. Saksham says to Priya not to indulge her by placing her hand on a foulness.

He additionally lets Priya know that it’s her short return and she needs to go through this on a custom schedule and Gopika had her spot. He then, at that point, questions where she is going as soon as possible. Priya says that to Gopika just she stall out in her room. Mithila says that she does not trust this and said Gopika that anything Priya said is valid or not.

Gopika says that Priya is answerable for this. Everybody looks befuddled. She says that both Saksham and Priya have done this and that she is simply giving them what she has and she has no income other than her graduating class cash from them. Her house is where she goes and her room to go. Ashi asks that Gopika is acting her way at great.

Ramila strolls toward her home and the contrary she watches Jignesh and the puzzling ladies and gets stunned. She says it’s false and it should be her deception and pivots yet she can’t get down to her creative mind and goes to her creative mind. After some time Priya lets everybody know that she needs them one more time for Muh Dikhayi. Mithila admonishes her and says that individuals will be sick with regards to this family so nothing. Gopika and Saksham conceal their grin. Mithila and opens the house entryway to the house calls from Jinesh. Everybody takes a gander at him.

Jignesh uncovers the secretive ladies and lets Mithila know that she is the person who looked for her and brought her here. Both Keshav and Minal look stunned. Mithila takes a gander at both of their faces then, at that point, goes where the baffling ladies are. She expresses Jignesh who leaves the spot. She guarantees the strange ladies will not be stressed or get frightened by any person or thing and she will be with her. The strange ladies gestures her head so Mithila takes her house and makes her stand in front of Keshav and Minal. The Two of them look terrified and stressed.

Chirag and Ashi question who Jignesh told her she was looking for. Priya additionally said Mithila that these ladies sketch is the one that was in her room right. Everybody said her address to Mithila. Saksham said Mithila additionally Keshav and Minal what’s going on here. Mithila says very much that she even knows what she needs and answers her in Minal’s hands and tells her name. Minal falls oblivious stressing relatives. Saksham and Chirag take her inside. Mithila said that the baffling ladies are not going to stress that she is protected here and then Ashi gives her food and goes to Minal’s room and observes that Minal behaved like falling.

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