Home Entertainment Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th November 2021 Written Update – Latest Episode

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th November 2021 Written Update – Latest Episode

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th November 2021 Written Update – Latest Episode

Visit Tellyexpert.com after the written update of the full issue of Teri Marie Eck Gindry 12 November 2021, read the newest episode of “Teri Marie Eck Gendry” on November 12, 2021 and the Twilight Update for the next day’s Show Update Twist.

By Latest Episode: “Teri Marie Eck Gindry 12th November 2021 Written Issue Updates”

TV Show Name: Teri Marie Ikk Jindri

Time on TV: All times IST (Indian Standard Time)

Telekath Days: Monday to Friday

Release Date: 12, November, 2021

Country: India

Language: No.

TODAY’S TOPIC: Teri Marie Ikk Gendry’s November 12, 2021 written update relates to the episode Start Mahi. Pappu mahi is called summaniru. Did Jogi press for marriage? No, Mahi. I set myself up for it. This is not my jog. Shalu says he is a jogi. She is not my jogi. Only my jogi is alive in him. Shalu says who did you feel pressured at the time? Mahi says for the babe. I believe she is right. I can’t hear her from any idea. Roopa opens her eyes and tells her to be Jogi .. Jessie’s significant other gives her a decoction and she blacks out again. He called Avnit and told her that he had given her a potion. She does not get up for 5-6 hours. I can rest for her forever, feeling you need it. Avniit says No I don’t need Jogi to get fresh insight into his mother’s marriage. He will be disappointed. I will not make him cry. Whenever I have trouble, I talk to her and tell her how to be a decent MIL. Make sure that everyone with information and tabla simply avoids Rupa. They say relaxation. I’m not going to let anyone get close to her.

Jasu’s leading man chooses men not to let anyone come home. Tabella says no one should come here. Jussie is coming. Avnit’s father tells him that he could not come. By the same token the bebe is not well. We have to call the band. It was my siblings’ wedding. Bebe also needs it. They’re not healthy for your mom and you have to celebrate with the band Baja? Proceed to wedding planning. Mahi examined them. Mahi said I should see the baby once. Pappu says I will take a look. He comes out to attack them. Does the good half of Jessie express your concern? They say there is a decent property bargain. Mehta has done. Shut up and say, “Go!” Pundas go to show Pappu outside. She tells him what’s going on? Pappu comes to Mahi and says it’s time to use my old mind. They say I have arranged. Pappu, Shalu and Mahi come into disguise as a band. Who said the thugs were right? She says that Jussie called us. She has paid us for now. They go inside.

Jogi prepares. Jussie greets Avnit in a wheelchair. She is dressed like a woman. Jogi says you look good. Is Avnit simply saying that? I am your most important person. Mahi came out. Jogi takes the vial at the entrance. Mahi wept. Jogi approaches the entrance. Melody plays Punch Tum Hote Ho. Mahi reviews her minutes with Jogi. Who says Avnit is there? There is no one. Shalu says why did you come mahi? Mahi says look at his deletion. Mahi and Shalu came to Rupa. Says Mahi Babe. Mahi says the witch did it. Pappu says we cannot be passionate. We have to do what we wander. He chooses Roopa. Lado is coming. He is stunned. Jessie’s leading man gets a call from an assassin. He says a band came along. Don’t let anyone come. Lado releases him. Pappu descends the stairs with Rupa. Jessie’s Better Half takes Avinit to Rupa and tells her to support him. Roopa is not there. Where is Rupa?

The Specialist actually sees Rupa. She opened her eyes and asked, “How can I be here?” Mahi Babe is called Rest Please. Express gratitude to God that you are fine. Experts say she’s fine. Her BP is low, a direct result of the large number of tranquilizers. BG says that Avnit did. Avanith slapped him. Are you saying you are visually impaired? You have no clue how can Rupa go from here? He came up with the band review. He says Pappu, Mahi and Shalu did it. Allow me to see them. Avnit says stop. They have taken her. No one should know that Rupa is not here until marriage. Until then no one leaves the house or goes inside. I need no problem in my marriage. In any case you will lose your life.

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