Home Entertainment Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 13th November 2021 Written Issue, written update on teleserialupdates.com

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th November 2021 The written episode begins with Purab asking Thapki if anyone has anything to say. Thapki remembers hearing Veena Devi’s words and saying what I wanted to say, I said.

They say sometimes it is difficult to understand you and your mother says after 5 days of surgery and no one gives her 2 lakhs. She goes to tell me I see. Sargam meets her friends at a restaurant. She asks why she was not invited to the Diwali party. Sargam said Diwali was celebrated with his family.

They say this treat is on my side. Asking if Rohit didn’t come. Her friends ask to see her, Rohit is there. Rohit is with the girl and hugs her. Then he comes to Sargam and pulls her cheeks. She calls the waiter. Angun calls her there as a waiter. Purab asked Ashok why he returned the check. Ashok says Tapki did not agree. Purab says it is very difficult to get 2 lakhs. Ashok says Thapki is very stubborn.

Talking to Sudha Thapki she says she will not give FD or money. Purab silently asks Ashoka to take the money and give it to Thapki. Sudha asks her to agree. Ashok refuses and tells Purab that he cannot lie to Tapki. Thapki listens to him and tells Purab that he knows he paid Mama Ji. Telling her to perform. He asks how. Do a thing.

Sargam asks Edge to call her Sargam Mom. Rohit says he will eat Russian salad and he says I will not eat much. Sargam says she has just come to sit and fast. Anchun asks her to order something and eat it. She gets up and goes fainting. Anchun catches her and asks her to take him home. Rohit asks her to take her home and asks his friends to come and enjoy drinks.

Thapki sees the ad and calls that number. The number seems to be busy. She plans to call later and until then she is charging her battery. She’s gone. Purab sees her go. He chooses a call and asks Purab if he wants to apply for the job. He says yes. The guy on the call and asks to say the lines. Purab is shocked and says there is no such thing. Thapki comes there and says to me it’s an interview call. Purab says you don’t do this. Thapki says I have fewer options and asks him to relocate.

This is called Purab. Thapki says I only do this work. She called the number and said I had called for an interview. The man asks her to give her a formal test and asks her to tell the lines. Thapki is shocked and says the ring number. Purab asks if you don’t want to work. She says I do, but it’s not. Where’s My Talent Used To Be? Purab laughs.

Anchun brings Sargam home and tells Daddy that her car is not working and that is why I brought her in Auto. He tells Dad that Sargam has no food and asks her to eat when she gets up. Daddy is right. Anchun is gone. Purab puts the pamphlet in the newspaper. Thapki comes in and puts the towel dry. Water drops fall on him. He covers his face with a magazine.

Thapki asks why he’s hiding his face? Purab asks her to look at the newspaper and she says you can find a job. Thappki read the ad for sewing work and a salary of 25000 per month. Calling that number. The guy asks her to send a sample. Thapki said I will give a live demo. He asks her to send him photos. Thapki said okay and checked the Garam Patil napkin.

She finds it in his shirt. She clicks the picture and thinks to listen to Sargam and take pictures. The guy sees the designs sent by Thapki. Thapki Mata prays the queen and asks her to work for him. She gets a call from a boy who says your salary is fixed. They say your commission will be extra. Thapki asks me to send 100 pieces, I work with all my efforts. She ends the call and jumps to the boy.

Purab asks what she is doing and says you are half mad, and full of madness. She asks him for sweets and makes him eat. She says she gets an incentive and gets a 25000 salary. He says good news. After Ma’s surgery I thought I would give 10000 to Mamaji and I would put 10000 in my piggy bank and put some money in my pocket money and the rest of the money is yours because I broke your watches first. Purab asks if he will buy the whole 25000 salary.

She says I want to win the world and that my job is the first step towards it. She says this is good news. Yes, Purab. She went to Vinod and touched his feet. Then she makes him eat dessert. Vinod asks what’s the matter, you look happy. She says I got a job. He says good-bye. She turned and offered Laddu to Veena Devi. Veena Devi got bored. Thapki goes to Sapna and Priyanka and gives them sweets.

Priyanka congratulated him. Purab looks up. The boss said a man would come in and be embroidered in the evening. What is Veena Devi saying? Do you know who you are talking to? Thapki says this is for me and apologizes to Veena Devi. The man stares at Veena Devi and asks him to slap her. She goes from there. Thapki asks him to go.

He gets the call of his friend, he says he has given her a job on his words and says you haven’t asked for any favors to date. Purab says this is for someone’s need and Thapki doesn’t know, she says she has self esteem. His friend asks what is the story behind Garam Patil. Purab ends the call saying he doesn’t know. Veena Devi listens to him and thinks that Thapki is cheating Purab and wants to steal the job from her so that she can get the truth out. Thapki Mata prays to the queen to give her the strength to maintain her self-esteem.

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th November 2021 Written Issue Update PreCap: Thapki tells Priyanka that food is ready in 1 hour. Priyanka asks to keep all the food in the fridge and gives her a list to eat. Thapki wonders how to do it. She prepares food anyway. Some guests come to Purab’s house for lunch. Purab hopes that customers will love the food. Veena Devi says it is kadai patta in pasta. Consumers start to eat food.


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