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Thapki Pyar Ki 2 26th December 2021 Written Issue, written update on

The episode begins with Veena Devi knocking on the door. Thapki runs away from Purab. My wound is wet, and again, the bandage is Madhya. He says yes and tells her her wound is healing and that it will be healed soon. But the scar marks remain and it reminds me of shame, ”says Veena Devi. They say the wound reminds you of your success and our mistakes that we do not want to repeat. Veena Devi went out to thank her. Purab asks Thapki not to worry and one day Mum will say sorry to you. They say let’s go to the office? Thapki says if I can come to the office late because I have to visit Ma. He says, of course. Jaya Mata thanked him and Thapki said he had made Anchun stand out from the charges. Sudha rebuked the victory and said that when Thapki went, half peace came and another Jaya went. Ankun and Ashok ask her to stop blaming and cursing. Sudha said I curse her and asks her to go from here to find her lover. Anchun asks what mommy is saying, asks him to stop it. Sudha says one day I will get her out of the house and no one can stop me that day. Says Jaya Bhabhi. Sudha pushed her away. Thapki got there and held her. Hansika pulled out the plaster from her hand, not knowing when I would get rid of it, and wearing it she felt her hand was sore. Purab is coming there. Hansika takes water and drinks. Purab gets there and finds a plaster on the floor. He has asked Hansika. Hansika says since I was itching and I had to get it off to get some air. They say it needs to be cut. She says I made it removable. She says I am worried because this plaster is in my hands in all the company’s pictures. She thinks she shouldn’t wear it today and says but I still have pain. Purab asks her to get out wearing it when the doctor tells her. You care about me so much, she says, that our name will be taken together after today’s conference.

Sagar asks Priyanka what’s going on? Priyanka tells me where the dress you bought for me is, “I know through the boutique.” They say it’s cheaper. They say 22 thousand. They say I gave it in your name for charity. Priyanka was delighted and took a selfie with him.

Love shows her friend a dress and a hand boy and tells her about Sagar. Her friend suggests getting a job at her company. Topki asks Jaya why she tolerated Mamie’s insults? If your father was with us Jaya would not have done that. Thapki asks her to tell him all about it and if he comes before you? Hearing this, Jaya fell down. Ashok told Anchun to bring water and medicine and told Thapki that Jaya was ill, he showed her to the doctor and did the test. She gets the medicine.

Love is coming to the restaurant. Sagar thinks she came here to get a job from me wearing a gifted dress. Love came and sat down. He says he’ll bring coffee and thinks both wives and girls are innocent. Priyanka comes there and hits Sagar. Sagar asks where she came from. Priyanka asked whom she took coffee from. He is lying. He sits at another desk. Love listens to them. Sagar distracted Priyanka and put sugar on her head. He asks her to wash her hair. Priyanka walks away. Sagar comes to love and asks her to go from there. She talks about her interview and she says she gets a call. Love I will go visit your wife. He asks her to go. Love goes on

Mukul Jaya comes to the office. Thapki looks at him and asks him to sit in the car. Mukul says he once apologized to Jaya. Thapki says if you know what my mother has been carrying throughout her life, and she says that I will stutter because I haven’t heard Ma’s before. She understands the illegitimacy of being a 5-year-old and asking to go. Mukul asks her to call him Papa once. You are not my papa, you are saying that you have only one daughter, Hansika.

PreCap: Reporter asks Purab when he starts a solo song with Hansika. They say very quickly, you ask. Hansika throws juice at him. He goes to wash his clothes. Hansika pretends to fall and he holds her. Reporters take their picture and say something interesting. Thapki gets there.


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