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Udaariyan 26th December 2021 Written Update, Written Update on Teleserialupdates.com

The episode begins with Fateh asking the watchman about Jasmine. He asks her to return the extra money she paid for the sharing cab. The Guard says you are honest, she checked in here today. Fateh says she did not contact me, after I broke her dreams, I knew her well, she reached here by following a limb, she believed Taejo was her enemy, she was trying to harm Tejo, I should stop Jasmine, she was dangerous, I phoned Angan, No, Tejo knows about me, I can’t leave her alone, I have to stay here. Tejo says I should talk to you. Angad says the call came from the office. He says I should go, I’m sorry, I’ll talk to you later. He leaves. Talking to Sharma Angad. He’s on his way. He saw Fateh and stopped the car. He asks what are you doing here and why you quit. Sorry, this is the situation, the girl I loved so much, she’s here in Rampur, the boy she marries loves her so much, I don’t want my shadow to fall on her, but someone wants to ruin her happiness, so I decided to stay here in Rampur. Angad tells me that I cannot leave a life of humiliation. She is happy with me.

I must do this for the fake engagement to come true. Fate did not marry Tejo and did not make it to Canada. Fateh says I need only her happiness, do not tell anyone about me, Sharma I promise, I will not tell anyone, you have saved my life, you are my son, do whatever you want, come with me, take your bag. He takes Fateh to the car. Fateh plans to learn about Jasmine and save Tejo.

Angad phoned Khushbeer and asked, “How did I call you? I know, Khushbeer says that you and Tejo will get married soon. Angad says, “So, I am convening Tejo. Don’t tell Rupi. I call him and wonder. I know you are all upset at Jasmine and Fateh’s marriage, but we have so much fun in my marriage. Khushbeer says I am not Rupee and dead, but can I speak with Tejo. Angad Yes, you can talk to her anytime. Angad ends the call and can only persuade Khushbeer Tejo, I want to keep Tejo happy, I know that Rupi and Khushbeer love Tejo equally. Gurupreet really listens, I tell the dead. Khushbeer No, Angad wants to humiliate. Angad says Fateh was leaving at the time. Nani asks if this is you. No Jasmine, when Tejo looks at these pictures, she leaves the courtyard, Ria stays here, make me tea. Nani asks how do I get Riya, will you play with me. Jasmine said, “I have more than a doubt on you. You have to do the rest of the work. Tejo thinks she may have found my parcel. Tejo asks who he is. She looks outside. She gets the envelope. She checks the pictures. She tells who this girl with Angad Ji is.

At the club, Jasmine is with whom. Fateh looks up and thinks who this guy with Jasmine is. Yeh Chori Badi Drama Queen High … Drama … Fateh thinks this guy met Jasmine at the bus stand. Jasmine and the guy leave. The guy says you are photogenic, lawyers like your job and pay you a lot. Jasmine says ask a lawyer to send me money. Fateh thinks what’s going on. She gets out of the car. The woman calls Angad’s office and asks the woman to confirm a visit with Angad and Tejo. When the woman says no, she’s going out tomorrow. Jasmine says I hope my project succeeds. She calls Ria a nanny. Get ready, telling her that the time has come.

Fateh follows the photographer. Angad gets there and stops the car. He looks at Fateh. He thinks he’s still here, he hasn’t left Rampur. Fateh looks for the boy. Angad pushes Fateh. He asks what are you doing here, you are going. I had a job, Fateh says. Angad says, come on, talk about humor. Fateh asks if she is fine. Angad said yes, come on. He takes Fateh in the car. Angad’s raging drive. Fateh Tejo asks if he is fine, stop the car. Angad stopped the car. Fateh asks what place it is. Angad angrily took off his coat. Fateh asks why are we here? Angad slaps him and asks what you want. Fateh says yes, I had to go back for humiliation. Angad calls for humiliation, because you love her, but I will not let you be near her. Fateh asks how you are behaving. Angad says that you have beaten me when you feel that I have been humiliated. I did not come to make her my own, but listen to me, Fateh. They will fight.

It is my responsibility, Tejo, for Angad to scold him. Fateh falls down.

Fateh follows Jasmine. Jasmine picks up a knife. There are also Angad and Tejavodhava. Fateh runs to stop Jasmine.


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