Home Entertainment Vidrohi 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Vidrohi 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Vidrohi 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update • Tele Serial Update

Destroyer 13th November 2021 Written Update at teleserialupdates.com

The traitor’s 13th November 2021 issue begins with the removal of Jagabandhu Kalyani’s jewelery and mangasutra. She says I should put a sign on the wedding. She continues to wear kamarbandha. He nods. He wiped the Indura. He brings her home. Ma and Radha meet her. He says that the British have conquered Badamba, Maharaja and Kalyani and I had to seek refuge in the village.

Radha asks if you are fine. Kalyani nodded. Jagabandhu Maharaj has given me the responsibility of her protection, she is here now. Don’t worry, you are our guest, it’s our duty to protect you and take care of you, Ma says. It is my good fortune to be here as your guest. Ma tells her that Radha is pregnant. I was delighted to hear this, says Kalyani. Radha smiled.

I will arrange your stay in the guest house, you can stay there, Ma says. Kalyani looks at Jagabandhu. He says Ma, she may be here like last time. The father-in-law says I have no trouble keeping her here. He says yes. Mango asks Kalyani to come. Kalyani remembers the marriage vows.

She goes with her father-in-law. Radha hugged Jagabandhu and smiled. I know this place is new, many do not understand what you are doing, but sometimes we find happiness in a place we did not expect, happiness came back in Jagabandhu and Radha’s life, I’m sure, as long as you are here, think of it as your home.

Radha asks why should I not consider this my home. The Lord says he will do this, I believe I will see it, I will go and prepare for worship. She’s gone. Radha asks why are you worried. You are fine, he asks, your hands cold. She says if I see you worrying, it will.

Don’t worry, sit down, don’t take any tension, they say. She says I get peace by sharing your anxieties. Always remember this, I am committed to you no matter what happens in the world, you say calm down and don’t worry about anything. I have no worries, the past is past, the future is coming, it has not happened, we have the present, we live this happiness, no fear can touch me when you are with me, I had a nightmare which was terrible, we were together, nothing changed. He nods.

Asking if you are hiding something, looking lost, or thinking about welfare, she was worried about the Maharaja and Mohan. I don’t deserve you.

She says because I have to share you now. He asks how do you know. She says I share you with Vidro and Mother Earth, I love you more than the love of duty, no other woman, men have many wives, but you have me, no one else. He looks sad. He asks to be with Ambato Radhe. Goes to meet Kalyani. She says you have come to remind me that no one can doubt that we are married, I am bored, why do I hide my identity and remain a guest.


Traitor 13th November 2021 Written Issue Update PreCap:Jagabandhu makes the acquisition of Kalyani. We are married now, I can at least make this eclipse juice, ”he says. He greets her and greets her. Tulakamma comes and tells you here. They think.


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