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This week’s sharing is about cohesion, until it is formed with competent people. (The alternative to a good and capable Virgo can be brutal.) This Monday, January 17th, the full moon of Karkya shines in your community’s 11th house, helping to put you on your 2022 soul team. The effort of a team that has been working for a while can hit the milestone, giving you reasons to break out the bubbles and raise the glass for the second time this year. But if you get stuck with the wrong entourage, difficult decisions await you, especially since this full moon is locked in a tense all or nothing opposition with Pluto. If you plan to move on, make a graceful exit rather than disappear with a guilty conscience. That said, perhaps reducing your responsibilities or playing a strong leadership role can actually change things for the better. If there is still a glitter of hope, try it for a couple weeks and see if the situation improves.

If work or career endeavors over the past two years have absorbed most of your energy and attention, you may finally be out of breath and ready to expand in new and exciting ways. True, it’s not “business as usual”, but you wanted it anyway? This Tuesday, January 18, the Moon’s North Node leaves Gemini and your professional circle to the Taurus and your adventurous and philosophical ninth home. In “normal” times, this destiny-tinged 18-month shipment promotes world travel and global growth, but for the foreseeable future, all bets are off. Between now and July 17, 2023, it’s safe to say that even if you never leave your time zone, your perimeter expands. You can expand your metaphorical audience with continued study, spiritual pursuits, and developing an idea for your own business. Throughout your chart, the equivalent karma emerges at South Node Scorpio and your local communication and activity headquarters. When you express your soul mission statement, reach out to like-minded people and see where it can take you.

Whether a plane ticket or not, traveling in a virtual sense will also take you to energetic journeys starting Tuesday. Liberated Uranus wakes up from its annual retreat, and after sleeping in the 9th house of your global adventures since August 19th, you may have claustrophobia. But this planet rules your higher “spiritual” mind, so here’s some unexpected news. You don’t need to leave your hometown now to cross the oceans. All you need to experience is contact, which comes with a Virgo warning: how to get your hair down and be more realistic than ever, instead of becoming a teacher, role model, or holy mentor?

On Wednesdays, reassess your New Year’s resolutions (remember them?), Especially those related to self-care. The Sun will return to Aquarius and your 6th wellness home by revitalizing your motivation tanks until February 18th. After a month of enjoyment, jump on the wellness bandwagon! Instead of depriving yourself, add more healthy foods to your plate, such as kale salad with your burger. Stream some exciting workouts and have your beauty break. You cannot avoid a busy work schedule, especially yours, Virgo, but aim to be more organized and efficient. We bet there are one or two apps for that!


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