Why do people defend American comics when Manga is clearly superior?


Just because something is better than another product doesn’t mean that it’s not worth defending.

I don’t actively read a lot of comic books (just like what I do with normal books), and even when I do, they’re just niche Star Wars ones or famous ones like The Killing Joke and Watchmen.

As such, I’m somewhat inclined to agree that the composition in Japanese manga is superior (from what I’ve seen at least).

However, that doesn’t mean comics aren’t worth defending.

There are reasons why comic books, despite not being as popular as the adaptations they inspire, are still considered relevant in modern culture.

They’re ultimately responsible for the creation of countless memorable characters.

Why do people think only one kind of thing should be defended?

I happen to know an American living in Japan who draws comics that are in between American comics and manga. He writes them in Japanese and English (he speaks both).

I’ve read comics from all over the world. Some are superhero comics, some are humor, some are journalistic. Just because you like manga best doesn’t mean other people’s preferences are not valid.

I’d love to hear what your favorite manga comics are. Maybe I could learn something there. I mostly don’t read manga (though Heartbreak Angels is funny). What do you not like about American comics?

Your question is like saying “Why do people defend noodles when pizza is clearly superior?” It’s meaningless.

Whenever I see questions like this, all I can think is people haven’t read any comics since the 60s. I keep hearing about how “manga is more diverse,” but you can find comics of pretty much any genre if you know where to look.

More and more non-superhero stuff is published every year, and even a lot of the most acclaimed recent superhero stuff breaks away from tradition.

Comics don’t need to be defended. “Comics” is just a medium with a variety of different styles. Maus and Watchmen are nothing alike in their approaches, for example. It would be like someone using shounen stuff to represent all manga. Just don’t do it.


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