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Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st January 2022 Episode Written Update Serial By Star Plus. Read Yeh Hai Chahatein 31 January 2022 (31/1/2022) Written Updates with

Summary Main Story: Yeh Hai Chahatein Main Story Still Has Come To Hold With Us…

Newscast Live Days: Monday To Friday

Tv Show Language: Hindi

Current Begin Update: 31st January 2022: (31/1/2022)

Read Yeh Hai Chahatein 31 January 2022 Written Episode Update on Our Official Site Latest Episode. Now, Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st January 2022 Written Episode Update Starts With Yuvraj lets himself know that Ruhi yet Rudraksh got. He watches Ruhi and wonders how she is treating the clinic. He additionally watches Rudraksh and Preesha. He goes to the clinic and says Nurse that Ruhi is outside the clinic. She lets him know that Ruhi should be in her room simply because she doesn’t allow anybody to defy their emergency clinic norms. They go into Ruhi’s room.

Yuvraj gets stunned watching Ruhi with her folks there. Yuvraj said what Nurture lets them know. Rudraksh said that for her sake, what good reason they will take is when the medical clinic outside Ruhi is really resting. He reviews that how he saw Yuvraj outside the emergency clinic and at the emergency clinic. Nurture reproves Yuvraj and removes the room from him. Ruhi holds her folk’s hands and rests. Preesha and Rudraksh shares an eye lock. Yuvraj gets annoyed watching that.

The following day, Preesha awakens and watches Rudraksh and Ruhi resting in the same manner and grins. She imagines that they are so comparative and she is grabbing satisfaction from them. Rudraksh is going to tumble from the bed yet she holds him. After some time, Ruhi kicked him out of bed when he tumbles down. He shouts in torment. Preesha lets him know that Ruhi kicked him. He said that she instructed Ruhi that she would not rest. Yuvraj comes to the clinic. He said as to whether he could meet Ruhi.

She lets him know that he can meet Ruhi in visiting hours and nobody will stop him. He expresses gratitude towards her and moves inside. Then again, Sharda packs breakfast and she goes out with Bunty. Sharjah concealing something that Vaijayanti feels is a sure thing without her and the reality of following her.

Rudraksh on the floor watching Ruhi awakens and snickers. He says that she’s the one who found him out of bed. She lets him know that she has kicked Preesha. Preesha takes the spruce up to the washroom inside her. She is going to fall so Rudraksh holds her. Yuvraj watches that and said they are going with what’s happening. Rudraksh clarifies what is happening. Yuvraj said that he left Preesha however denies the last option. Ruhi calls Preesha from the washroom so Rudraksh leaves Preesha.

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