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The episode begins with Aksha receiving Manish’s call. He thinks she always creates some problems, we’ll see what happens. Manjiri and Dadi pray to Lord Shiva and vow the marriage of Abhi and Arohi. Abhi likes Shivalinga. Aksu did it, Manjiri says it is beautiful. The climber says yes, it is beautiful. Harsh thinks Aksha has told her house. The climber thinks about the outcome. Harsh says that Aksu may have said at his house that Manish and Akhilesh did not come. Anand probably says no, everyone is here. Suvarna asks Abhi and Arohi to keep Ganapathi and then they do Aarti. Manish and Akhilesh come. Manish shouted, Stop, this marriage will not happen. The climber leaves the idol. Aksu is holding it. Manish said our daughter will not get married in a family that lies. Abhi and Aksu place the idol. Everyone asks why you are saying this. He lied to us, Manish sparked that he had traded the hospital. Abhi asks why did you laugh? Manish says your father is the problem. Abhi asks what he has done now. We will not tolerate the lie that the Minister has lied to the Minister for Surgery. Kairav ​​asks what is going on, there is always something wrong. Daddy also scolds Harsha. Believe me, my fault is Akhilesh. It is golden that Manjiri also supported the lie. Cries Manjari. Yes, I lied. What do we do? Anand and Parth ask him to stay quiet. Why, I made a practical decision, would Harsh ask if the Cabinet minister received a surgical request, would we refuse, would it be wrong to change the date of the wedding, the hospital would then be a child, it would be a climber’s? Daddy telling is a lie, we cannot accept lies, we cannot accept false relationships. Dad’s right, the lie can’t be forgiven. The man gets CCTV pictures of the camp for Harshani. The guards take the envelope and leave the pictures outside. Another watchman looks at the pictures. Hersh and everyone would argue. Manish left. Harsha asks Aksu if she is happy now after the fire is over. You did it right, Manish said it was okay. Aksu I did not tell anyone, otherwise we would not be worshiping here. Harsha said you should stop lying. Abhi is telling you the truth, so here I am, stop now. Aksu remembered her words and looked up at him. Kairav ​​says let’s leave now. The Goenkas left.

Neil stopped Abhi. Abhi gets angry and scolds Harsha. Go with Sasural and say Ghar Jamai. Abhi asks seriously, you are unique. He takes Manjari with him. She forgives me, I’m part of his lie, I didn’t really know this. Abi Summani, it’s not your fault. He hugs her. Mahima scolds Harsha. Excited about your lecture, you too are part of this lie. She said yes, you must admit guilt. Anand says it is a waste of time to explain to both of you. Everybody goes. Staff get CCTV pictures. Harshani gets angry.

I was afraid of losing Abhi, again you climbed my happiness. Aksu asks what are you saying? The climber asks how this happened. She said, “As long as you are in my life, I cannot find happiness.” Akhilesh asks what is nonsense, you are supporting Harsh, you want your marriage to take place in that liar family, you are kiddish, we have broken your marriage, not Aksu. Aksu said calm down, we will talk. Akhilesh says no, the climber has no sense. The climber says it is Aksu’s fault to tell you about Harsha. Manish came and Alshu didn’t tell me. Akhilesh says after you go, Aksu blamed him. Manish asks how dare he, we show him his position. He scolds the climber.

Dadi says Manish is right. Manish says we work in the hospital, do not cross any limits. Abhi came to her room. I think Aksu everywhere, I can’t get her out of my heart, he says I run away. He prays. I need to give Abhi camp pictures, he says he can know the cause of the fire. Abhi comes and says you know I do a Christmas party for kids every year. Harshan said, Fine, keep the party. Abhi calls Goenka, apologizes to them and asks them to invite him. They say don’t involve mum. I’m excited to message them. Abhi says you will apologize before the party is over. Harsha is impossible. You know what I can do, I have learned etiquette from Mum and I have learned from you, I will not tolerate lies. I lie when needed, I’m more strict than you, Harsh says I don’t apologize. He goes. Abhi says you should say it once. He turns and looks at the climber and Aksu.

Parth asks Manjari not to think too much. He asks her to call. Calling Manish. She apologizes and invites Goenkas to the party. Manish refused. Partha consoles Manjari. Manish asks the clan to do his job. Harsha stops pictures of the climber and its camp, I did not see, you see it and fix it on the notice board, your family is very emotional, explain to them. She checks the pictures.

She did not see the picture of Aksu and Abhi. Abhi Weddes smiles at the climber’s wedding cards. She is shocked to see a photo of Aksu and Abhi. The image falls. Abhi comes and steps on it. He took the picture and gave it to her. She says thank you and tears it up. Abhi called her out. He sticks to the picture and sees it. I know you lied to me, I hate lies and liars, come out, they say. Shouting that no. Her imagination ends. She starts crying. Abhi is doing the decoration. Aksu stumbles into the box. Abhi was looking up. Aksu thinks Abhi will always hold me, but this time … she looks at him and says I can handle it. She tries to get up. Mahima said, I came to help. He’s kidding. She says he is not helping today. He looks up and gets angry. She shouts for help. Someone comes to the aid. Abhi sends a doctor. Climber takes a picture to burn. Mahima asks what are you doing here. The climber has placed pictures in the box. As Mahima says, I asked Aksu to do this, you are a doctor, you are focused on your work. The climber turned and saw that the box had gone.

Abhi grabs Aksu’s hand and helps. They have an ilac. Lagja Gale … games …. Abhi asks Aksu to use her eyes, she always falls down. He falls into the box. She smiles and jokes. The children come and laugh at him. He laughs. The climber stopped to see someone carrying the box. She says you should ask before taking the box. She looks at the other objects inside. She looks for pictures. She asks if you have taken anything, where the picture is, i.e. the papers. Sorry for that guy, I don’t know, we just kept all the boxes inside. She goes to check. She sees many boxes. She checks. Aksu sees Abhi. The girl asks them to write their wish. He is sitting down to write. Abhi’s penance asks Arohi not to marry him, when he loves Aksu. Akshay Intuition You are doing this for the climber, to keep everyone happy, but what about your happiness, think well. Abhi and Aksu perform the heart and fix the bandage on it. Korra Kagaj …. games ….. Abhi and Aksu look at each other.

The climber is looking for a picture. Harsha asks what is the secret, what is good, find the picture, Abhi can’t find it. Abhi saw the photo. He looks at Aksu. The climber thought.


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